March 2019

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This dates back to August 2018 lets just say I wasn’t having the best of times but how things have changed in a short 6 months. So please read this as if its August 2018.

For my friends and even some acquaintances will know I haven’t been having the best time at work lately and have been rather down and out, mental and been extremely negative. So after increasingly difficult weeks and things not getting any better at work and it starting to affect my personal life I made the gutsy and definitive decision to resign from my job with no future job lined up. Yes this will seem drastic but you know sometimes you have to back yourself and just go for it. It the short term prospect of having no income any worse then being depressed and constantly down?


I think it is easy to let the fear of the unknown and the possibility of failure guide our


While we were very close to Christchurch on that terrible day yesterday, we are fine and now in Wellington.

Where does the hate come from? We have to look deep to find the reasons for this, which seems difficult for us to do, what with conservatives defending the terrible, and the very conservative defending the heinous.

adelaide fringe: railedI've detailed on more than one occasion my love affair with the boys from Head First Acrobats... from 2014 to 2017 to 2018, and this year they're back with a new show and new boys.

Cal Harris and Thomas Gorham have been joined for Railed by Adam O'Connor-McMahon and Harley Timmermans for a cowboy themed show of circus tricks, comedy, a little magic and some ...
Three years ago I saw Jesse Scott and Lachie MacAulay from Casus Circus in Tolu and was incredibly impressed... so when they returned with You & I, a show about "the loving relationship between two circus artists", I knew I had to see it.

And it was so beautiful.

Not since 2015's Bromance have I been this moved by a circus show... in fact, much like that show, I was brought almost to tears on multiple occasions.

Given the description of the show, I assume Scott and ...

As a single man with a love for travel, most of my travel has been done solo. Sometimes that’s fun and sometimes it is less than idea. There have been moments when I’ve been somewhere beautiful having a great time and wishing I could turn to someone, friend or lover, and just grin at the fun times. At other times it can be amazing travelling alone. Feel like being lazy or doing something random? Sure. No one to explain yourself to.

When I put the call out to facebook asking if anyone wanted to join me in Iceland I was lucky. The friend that first volunteered turned out to be a fantastic travel buddy. We had no dramas sharing a camper van, splitting money etc and it all just worked.

So looking ahead to

You know how they say "age is just a number"... I don't feel 45... of course I have no idea what 45 is supposed to feel like, maybe this is the exact feeling of me being 45.

45 is also a triangular number... and the number you get when you add up the digits between 1 and 9. So you've now (possibly) learned something new today.

Birthday wishes also go out to all the people who happen to share my birthday, including but not limited to... Queer Eye star Antoni Porowski, ...
A friend asked me what I thought of George Pell?

"I think the best thing about George Pell," I said, "Is that I don't really have to have an opinion. Whatever?"

We discussed what we'd like for dinner, after that.

Yesterday I was having a conversation over facebook messenger while I was on the train on the way to work with someone I know. They are not someone I know well but over the course of the day I came to realise that they don’t seem to have any/many close friends at all.

As I got to work the conversation started to take a dark turn. He was drinking heavily before 8am and very upset over an incident with his wife. Shortly after 8 the message that really rang alarm bells came through. “Part of the journey is the end.” From there it spiralled to very clear suicidal talk. I have absolutely no experience with this so I ran out of the office and up the road to the police station. They took screen shots of the conversation and all the

Its probably been about 6 months or more since I last posted and its been a pretty whirlwind few months, changing jobs, moving around, making friends, going on dates.

I guess I’ll start at the beginning, around September I was working a new department, it was light on staff and I had a bit of free time up my sleeve, I’d almost call it a part time job. Anyway, I got back on to tinder and matched with this guy P. He was pretty much a life size version of McDreamy off grey’s anatomy. I actually was puzzled when we matched cos he didn’t seem to be someone I’d swipe right on ...