April 2019

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Everyone in this big beautiful, dysfunctional world thinks differently and I love that. As tough as it can be at times, it’s great to have your perceptions challenged. One of the things I find most fascinating about people is the wide variety of things that turn people on. People’s fetishes are so intriguing, even when you aren’t into them.

One thing I don’t care for is having people force their fetishes on you. Sometimes that is done in a fairly harmless way but it can still be disconcerting.

Last Saturday I squeezed in what is probably my last nude beach day for the season. It was relatively quiet because, especially in the morning the temperature wasn’t quite as warm as


Japan’s 100  million dollar stealth fighter disappears without a trace mid flight? Oh, the irony

Anti abortionists challenge clinic safe zones in court... you f’ing nutjobs... go... a... way!

Letting people ask questions on Instagram stories is always fraught with danger. My personal page is full of me nude so people feel like they can ask really personal questions and a lot of dumb questions.

Yesterday I put an “Ask me a question” on my stories with the disclaimer that stupid and rude questions would be ignored and requests for dick shots would be ignored without question.

One person said in their question “You look very bottom, do you like dick or ass?” Firstly I would ignore that every time purely for the lack of grammar. Secondly what on earth do they mean by saying I look “very bottom”? Is that because I post a lot of photos of my butt? Well I’m not going to put a

This idiot Liberal Government gives the Adani coal mine the all-clear... they couldn't give a shit about the planet.

There was no way that we were ordering the food on offer at Karaoke World on Elizabeth Street. It looked nasty and overpriced. But, wow, were we ever hungry after an exhausting session of karaoke for Justin’s birthday. And I’d drunk too much without eating anything so was a bit tipsy.

Big Daddy’s Burger Bar came to the rescue, requiring no decision at all. It was there on our way home, we’d never tried it before and it’s loud design beckoned to us. I didn’t know it’s a chain, and there are six of them in Sydney. It’s an Australian creation, I think, though peddles Americana.

This Saturday there will be a rally in Brisbane condemning the actions of the Brunei Government in passing laws to make death by stoning the punishment for those engaging in homosexual acts or adultery. While Brunei is tiny, with a population of 400,000, it is oil rich. It Sultan is believed to be one of the world's richest men. Members of Brunei's LGBT community are reported to be fleeing
Away for a couple of days up north to Sin City to see this on Sydney Harbour. If you remember, we did the same this time last year and saw La Boheme. Again it is R's late birthday present. We will catch up with Victor who will join us for the performance and hopefully meet for the first time James O'Brien.

Once again Mother walked all over us. To recap, ABI had to go to a near to us private hospital for a stage 1 skin melanoma removed. Mother told us she would like to stay a couple of nights here while he recovered. No Ma, we are going to Sydney but you can stay one night, so that is what happened.

By 10am ABI Brother's surgery had been done he was ready to pick up. I drove his car and picked him up at the hospital, with a stop off at a chemist and a bakery on the way. His car is a manual gear change. What a pain in the arse. After getting caught in bus for train substitution at Caulfield Station, we eventually reached the freeway. I had put my glasses on and checked his gear stick. Yes, there is a fifth gear. On the freeway at 100 km/h, ABI Brother said you have one more gear to go. Ah, sixth. That is nicer to drive.

Of course Mother always thinks these things through and catches us on our back feet. What we should have done is told ABI Brother to ...

Long-time readers of this blog have gone through many countdowns over the nearly 14 years that I’ve been blogging. From counting down to the disastrous visits from a long-distance romance who crippled my confidence, count downs to Burning man and counting down to many other adventures.

There are perks and curses to booking holidays a long way out which I tend to do. This year’s holiday I booked flights in October last year I think. The curse is that it’s so far away and half way from booking to leaving I hit a slump thinking it feels like it’s never going to happen. The perk is that it gives me something to aim for and look forward to for nearly a year which helps get me through our (admittedly mild) Australian Winter.