April 2017

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Mr Perfect

Three retirees angered by the loss of their pensions and banking practices decide to rob a bank.

'Going in Style' is perhaps not the best lesson in crime doesn't pay; if indeed that lesson is even evident. This is a movie aimed at seniors who will relate to the characters' frustrations and behaviour whilst also recognising the absurdity of the situation.

Fun, but not innocent fun.


On a quick walk by Gou Sushi, this place looks stylish and fun; Haven’s coolness rubs off on it too. Haven had exactly zero out of four dishes on their lunch menu for vegetarians so we went next door. Between my perception of stylishness and the rave reviews on Zomato, I was expecting it to be pretty good!

But to start with, it was mayhem. The folks from the dentistry school were crowding the place and doing take-out, and the two staff members couldn’t seem to keep up.

There were NO vegetarian sushi on the conveyor belt. You had to order them… which was a bit difficult to get the attention of a waiter.

In any case, we finally did. The hand-roll sushi was tasty enough. Miso soup fine. My pal was happy

Unfortunately, recovery from the heart operation has not gone as well as I had hoped.

I've been getting really bad arrhythmias (i.e. rapid and irregular heart beats). In fact, I have been feeling worse than what I was feeling prior to the heart procedure.

Evidently, these recurrent episodes do not necessarily mean that the procedure has failed, as it is not uncommon to get arrhythmias while the heart is still recovering.

Nevertheless, the persistent and abnormal heart beats have been extremely unpleasant.  They are also very scary. After 3 days of putting up with my heart racing at 140 beats per minute, I decided to go to hospital, where they performed a cardioversion to basically stop and restart the heart. It worked for a few hours and then the heart started going crazy again.

Looks like I'm going to have to just deal with it and hope that the irregularities will settle down.

I just got back from the pool, after yesterday I don’t have to explain why I was keen to get back there.  I swam 3.8kms which was nice (does anyone know the significance of that distance?).

But that isn’t what I wanted to report to you guys…. I wanted to tell you that I didn’t see a single pair of dork shorts there.  Maybe 10 guys at the pool and every single one of them was wearing speedos.


Groups of Guys in Speedo Swimwear

My garden on a rainy day

I’m about to get in my car and drive for three hours south west of Sydney. Some friends of mine have created a beautiful home out in the country that they rent out. This weekend I’m going out to help them put in some posts for a pergola that they are adding. I haven’t been out there in ages because it’s been booked out so much.

It’s not a working farm or anything, just a beautiful place to go and relax, soak up the peace and quiet and catch up with my friends. Sadly work is really busy so I will probably have to go into the office on Sunday afternoon to make a deadline on a project. So I don’t get the full weekend out there but it’s better than nothing. It’s such a beautiful spot.

Check out their website and if you are looking for somewhere for a peaceful retreat, get some friends together and head out there. I highly recommend it.



  This little cafe attached to the City Crown Hotel has gone through a few different incarnations. Negus seems pretty new. Because I had already eaten, I have to turn over this review to Davy. He found their take on an eggs benedict (with a choice of pancetta or salmon) quite original, and he wavered in his opinion. The problem was that it wasn’t that hot, and would have benefited from being served at the right temperature. But he had to say it was pretty delicious, especially the little fried onion bits on top.

The gazpacho seemed like the perfect solution to a big night out. I tasted it and the spices

2017 was my first Wall to Wall Festival. These works, as far as I can work out, were done on the 2016 and 2015 festivals


My credit card provider has written to inform me - and no doubt many others - that my card will 'no longer be offered' from 5 August.


I use the card regularly and I have many direct debits linked to it. What a f#$%&ng nuisance.

Now, to clarify. I have two credit cards provided by the same bank. One card is of the variety whose name is like a travel document. The other card, the one 'no longer offered', is of the variety that one 'should never leave home without'. You know the one. It is the one that many retailers won't accept anyway and that most of those who do apply a higher surcharge ...