May 2017

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They are building 450 new skyscrapers in London. Better be careful or London will look like Melbourne

All weekend I have been agonizing over my encounter on Friday with Tony (aka  – the Married Guy).  And, I must add, there might be 5,500 daily readers of this blog and only one of you gave me any insight or advice…. thanks Walt I really appreciate it.

To top it off, I’ve been horny as all hell all weekend.  Alex and his ‘boyfriend’ are out of town and Grindr had nothing but flakey people all weekend.

Grindr rant: I really hate the new ‘flame’ Imogi that Grindr does, I receive a message and its says ‘Photo Received’ and I’m all excited expecting a speedo selfie and I get some shitty flame icon.  I must have received 20 of them yesterday, I did not replied to ANY of them.  When I contact a guy on Grindr, I say “Hi, I’m Dave, I’m looking for something this arvo (afternoon).” And I attached a photo.  Is that too much to ask? ...
Backtracking a little, for the record, this was our hotel in Lisbon.

Our second day in Porto had us back on the hop on hop off bus, this time upstairs and by the photos, at the front. The Atlantic Ocean continues to pound the coast.

A sweet little church near our hotel.


The weather we’ve been having here in Sydney the last week or so has been absolutely spectacular so two of my mates and I decided to take advantage of it and head out into the Australian bush. Just south of Sydney there is a huge national park filled with bushwalks. We didn’t want one of the big popular ones. A friend had told us about one that he’d done about a year ago that was a little tricky to find and there hadn’t been another soul to be seen. Perfect.

The three of us set off this morning and got to where we were supposed to find the trail. Now we had been warned it was hard to find but after 30-40 minutes of blundering our way through bush that didn’t even have a trace of a trail we called my friend, he gave us some more directions and within ten

Flower Market
Fitzroy anyone?
London Fields with families BBQ'ing, we ate cherries
Eating oysters
The WE Party is Madrid’s biggest gay pride party. But it’s huge popularity means that WE Party is expanding and taking the party on tour! WE Party was born in 2010 in Madrid. Ever since, it’s grown steadily to become one of the best and biggest gay parties not only in Spain, but in the world. […]
Canals London for breakfast