May 2017

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Model Samuel Trépanier

Oh, we missed Saturday Lazy Lunch at Granny's House.

We headed for the nearby metro station, about a fifteen minute walk. Dubai is a very hot place but at this time of the year it was a bearable 30 degrees. The station was air conditioned too. Rather than mess with a ticket machine, we bought tickets from a window and travelled on the Green Line from Union to Al Fahidi. We had a look around a couple of shops and bought an ice cream and headed back to the hotel. On the way no one offered us a seat on the train and I was all set to rant about the local people not being kind. No sooner were we on the train returning, than two lads offered us their seats. We had ...

Over the years my photography portfolio has increased and in recent years that has happened at a faster rate than ever. As a result I’m constantly approaching guys to model for me. Some guys get nervous about the nudity of my work and others don’t.

There are guys that turn me down for that reason and others who don’t  want to just give me weird excuses.
I have no problem with guys saying no. There is nothing worse than trying to photograph someone that doesn’t want to be there. You don’t get good results and I hate the idea that someone is uncomfortable. They’ll only resent me anyway.

One thing that really pisses me off is when guys give me a total bullshit excuse. Recently a Sydney dancer turned down the approach to do a the

Men in underwear. It sounds pretty tame in an age of dick pics and unlimited online porn. Yet for some guys, seeing men in underwear is a huge turn on. That’s right, men just wearing underwear. Not doing anything sexual necessarily and not showing anything more off than their bodies and a bulge. In terms […]
Dubai is the largest city in the United Arab Emirates. The UAE is made up of seven kingdoms, each ruled by its own monarch. One of the monarchs is selected by his fellow monarchs to be President. While there is much to admire about the country, its human rights record is poor and sharia law is referenced in some areas. Its wealth comes from oil and gas exports. Though it has a population of about 10 million, only about 15% are citizens of the UAE. Citizens are given preferential treatment for government employment. Most of the other 85% I would guess to be Indian, African and Pakistani workers.

We were met at the airport by a representative of Arabian Adventures Tours and transferred to our hotel. The same company was conducting the pre booked tour we were taking the next day. Our hotel room was very nice indeed. We had been more or less awake for about 48 hours and so bed was very welcome.

I admit to being mystified by this show. There were so many colours and so much movement that I found it hard to cast my mind back to the story, read in my youth, or possibly told in the classroom: I remember that elementary school teachers particularly liked to read aloud Roald Dahl, this one, or James and the Giant Peach.

But I do remember the story: awful children get their just desserts, and the dreamer, Charlie, ascends above them, becoming pals with the mysterious Willie Wonka.

But I either couldn’t follow the way the story is told here, or I just didn’t care. I was expecting good things from Shaiman and Wittman, the creators of the music for Hairspray, but none of the songs were memorable. The kids didn’t seem particularly more bratty than a lot of kids these days. I found some of their scenes of morbid

CNN and Fox are truly horrible when travelling abroad. BBC World is not much better, but a bit better and was our chosen media on planes, in hotels and on the ship. How I longed for something like our own ABC 24. We became thoroughly fed up with the BBC talking about Trumpet. BBC has two identities, a home identity and a world identity. It is easy to work out from the web addresses. or

When we were within range of a phone service, my usual Twitter feeds arrived. Yes, Fen, I know what you were up to. From Twitter I immediately learnt the very sad news that ABC journalist and presenter Mark Colvin died. I was quite upset. While he has had many health problems over the years, I did not know he had a terminal condition. I can't add to any praise that has already been heaped upon him beyond I think he was a good bloke.

Twitter you wonder? Am I into Twitter? I don't really tweet but I receive tweets directly to my phone from ...