July 2017

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Make them bake cakes
In the car with the Killer, Luigi was considering all the options.  They were nearly there.  The road ascended past beautiful houses, through avenues of deciduous trees in their autumn dress.  At each bend in the road, Luigi expected to see the turnoff to the Cross and the picnic site. 
So what I’ll do is this, he thought.  When we’re both out of the car, I’ll attack him, yelling to Cody to run.  I’ll just leap at him, and even if he shoots me, he might not kill me.  I’ll push him over, and then run away from him.  Also, maybe the police will be there.  But what if they are already there and he just shoots us?  What can I do in the car?  He’s on the back seat, if I turn around to do anything, he’ll kill Cody and then me.

 He went through the options again and again.  None of them appeared propitious.  The memory of his own ...

Good morning everyone, how was your weekend?

Mine was fun and rather social although sans-sex/naughty activities.

It is a pretty nice looking day here so I’m going to duck south to a nice little beach and work on my speedo tan.

But, before I leave I would like to share with you guys this email I received over the weekend.  I love getting fan mail and I love opening guys minds when it comes to our speedo fetish/fantasy.

Hi Dave,

I just felt like I had to say WOW when it comes to your site. I don’t think I have ever seen a website that captures a lot of things I feel.

To let you know, about 5 years ago, I made a conscious effort to get myself in shape. I wasn’t in horrible shape, but I always just wanted to have that beach body. 3 years ago, I felt in good enough shape to wear square cuts in public at the beach and this year I finally got to courage to proudly wear a 1″ side speedo at the beach


I want to live in this transformed place. It looks like great fun.

Winter Meeting arrived. Yay. Just June Bride to come. And maybe that is it for the time being, enough Bette Davis DVDs, my collection has grown sufficiently for the time being. I have bought 10 movies recently. I think that may now be more DVDs than I had videos in the original collection. All those old BASF tapes, all with the same silver label, all with the name written in the same way.

I painted the second coat on the gate. It is looking good. How many coats do you think I need to do.

I got changed and went to the supermarket and bought beef for tonight’s curry. I also bought more mandarins, naturally. I noticed, at some point, that my left thumb is quite orange from my current mandarin addiction. The mandarins have all gone up in price in the supermarket, there are none currently on special. I also noticed that Navel Oranges were quite a bit cheaper, and I decided to put my “score” through as navel oranges.

There was a part ...

'Baby Driver' has arrived with considerable fanfare for its extensive musical soundtrack and its hip, modern style.

Baby (Ansel Elgort) is a young man who drives getaway cars for teams of bank robbers. 'Drives' is an understatement. He is an artist of the getaway craft zooming, weaving, twirling, burning and many others 'ings' a stunt driver - and CGI effects - can muster. He has a good heart; witness the care he takes of his deaf step-father but ...
Going Bush For God
All's well that ends well
On Friday I had the privilege of presenting to the annual Queensland Law Society/Family Law Practitioners Association of Queensland Family Law Residential. In my paper, I note that who is a parent is determined by the law, not by genetics. Someone who is genetically a parent may not be the parent at law. Someone who has no genetic relationship with the child might be the parent at law for
The CEO of Canadian Fertility Consultants, Leia Swanberg, and I will be speaking in a webinar on 22 July for Australians contemplating surrogacy in Canada. Leia Swanberg is not only the CEO, but also the founder of what is Canada's largest surrogacy agency. She has helped intended parents from across Canada and from across the world, including many from Australia, to become parents through