August 2017

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The guns are drawn and loaded. May the best plebiscite organisers win. No surprise about where the fabulous Tim Minchin sits, and it is not on a fence. Strong language warning. What would a Minchin clip be without strong language.

Gregory (Scotland Yard detective): “Is there any other point to which you would wish to draw my attention?” Holmes: “To the curious incident of the dog in the night-time.” Gregory: “The...
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We ignorant Australians don't know much about European politics. Here is what I think I know about Chancellor Merkel of Germany. Correct my errors at your will. She was born and lived in the old East Germany. She has a husband but that does not mean she is not a wearer of sensible shoes. She was a scientist. Her spoken English language skills are poor or heavily accented so she does not speak English in public. She is seen as extremely dull and boring by other western countries. She let in a lot of Arab immigrants and many Germans were not so happy about this, but perhaps through their prosperity, they will wear that.

The Chancellor remains a bit of an enigma to many of us.

In the 1990s we used to see Tracy Ullman and Ruby Wax on our tv. That was before our ABC tv was dumped by Britain's BBC in favour of a commercial television here. It seems Tracy Ullman goes on and on. Here is she recently playing Chancellor of Germany, Angela Merkel when ...
So much amazing art in and around Collingwood, Melbourne.

vexta & elle ...
Sydney has not really had a winter this year. Yes, there have been a couple of cold days and some cold mornings but mostly the temperatures have been very mild indeed. One day in July the maximum reached 26º which is the warmest July day recorded at Sydney's weather bureau in 158 years of record keeping. We've enjoyed multiple maximums around the 24º mark.

Sunsets have been colourful and so peaceful looking. This was one of our sunsets this week.

Blogger may have fixed its "adult content warning".  We'll see.

Anyway, resuming posting here.

Things have been tense for some reason but manageable. 

We had a big talk but I'm not sure it was genuine. He said all the right things about us being closer than anyone else etc but in the end T is super selfish and only thinks of himself. I don't think he realises it but I guess that's just the way he thinks. I love him and will do what I can but I think that as far as me hanging around it will be one day at a time. I need to be prepared to leave because I know I may have to leave to save my own sanity at some point. It probably wouldn't be so bad if T was really open and honest but unfortunately that's not him. I can't spend all my time being in the dark to what is going on so we will see. 

I don't think he actually understands the impact this latest revelation has on me. I don't expect him to fully understand and I know he needs to put a great deal of energy into himself but it would be nice

Better Together, Whatever
My Patience Is Exhausted