September 2017

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I’m always up for Yum Cha, especially in larger groups when you get to try more dishes. So, off to Rhodes to meet a group of friends, including friends who live nearby and had suggested it.

It’s kind of an odd setting, underneath a large concrete apartment building. We agreed to a table outside, which, on a windy Sunday afternoon, was not a particularly good idea

Yum Cha is incredibly labour-intensive, all those dumplings and other complicated dishes, so in a smaller restaurant like this, the work of the chefs would be to defrost and steam the frozen products, and fry and bake up the others. So, it’s never going to have the quality of restaurants that make their products on site.

Still, who can tell

I tried to explain to a (born again) Christian friend/acquaintance that I didn’t want to get married, and a lot of my gay friends didn’t want to get married, as all of my straight friends who supported marriage equality didn’t suddenly want to marry someone of the same sex, and that didn’t matter, it didn’t have to be about us, just as it is not about her Christian beliefs. I tried to put it into words that she’d understand, that it was about loving your neighbour, helping your neighbour to achieve what they wanted to achieve, that it was okay if it was about other people and ...

In the lead up to my funemployment, my boss and I were discussing ideas about my future career moves. One idea that I had been thinking about was running some photography workshops.

It’s only been the last couple of years that I’ve been confidently calling myself a photographer and comfortable saying I know what I’m doing. People may find that strange after two solo gallery exhibitions but I’d rather err on the side of cautiousness rather than blow my own trumpet completely off key.

I see a lot of photography where I think the ideas are there but the execution is missing some technical skill or the technical skill is there but there are too many ideas in the shot. Sometimes there are no ideas in the shot too which can be just as bad.

So, I’m putting it out there. Do you think people would be interested in coming on a photoshoot of a model with me where I take a group of people along, teach them what I’m

I am finally free from the clutches of Telstra, well kind of. I will explain.

We ditched Telstra as supplier of our internet and home phone when we changed from cable internet and normal landline to fibre optic to the basement of our building and then copper wire to our apartment. We happy with what we have and it is not the cheapest but our home phone and internet supplied by Telstra dropped from $122 to $70 with TPG.

We were each paying for the same mobile Telstra plan. Our plan was $25 each, plus $5 for 250mb of data each month. We did not pay for calls to each other and I think our text messages were unlimited. It was a cheap capped price to Telstra mobile phones. It was not a great deal but we had bought phones on a plan. Once the contract ended, we just kept on paying, except Telstra arbitrarily increased the price $5, to $35 each. I was cross and told them so, but their reply was in essence, that is how it is. Like it or lump it.

Well, I ...
(Darlinghurst Theatre Company)
Some date in the near future the CEO of a top global technology company is engaged in an extensive search for her daughter who disappeared following an argument between the two.

'In Real Life' takes the 21st Century setting of the pervasive effects of modern technology into every aspect of personal affairs and applies it to the world of women. These are women comfortable in the world of business and technology.

The play is an interesting look into the future. It dispenses with gender stereotypes and ...
I dragged Sam around 3 book shops in the city on Saturday looking for a new Bette Davis biography, Miss D and Me, I want to read and, of course, none of the book shops had it in stock. They all offered to order it in, which would take weeks, or some such length of time. 

We'd eaten Indonesian food in Swanston Street, at Fat Oma, for lunch. We'd been to Myer to buy the new version of Apple Tv, but Myer didn't have it in stock.
When we got home, Sam got out his iBook reader thingy and purchased the book in 5 minutes and handed it to me. Welcome to the 21st century, his look said. 
I love the feel of a book in my hand, I love the smell of it, I love the feeling of the paper on my fingers as I turn the page. I like to put the book on my book shelf after I have finished reading it. I have book shelves crammed with books and, truthfully, I am running out of room for new books. All that being said, I didn't take long to get used ...

I’ve spent a little bit of time in San Francisco and I love the place – there is a lot of weirdos but if you can’t be comfortable in your own skin in San Fran I don’t think there is anywhere else in the world you can be.

I have some old friends who live in Lower Haight which 2 blocks from the Castro (which is the gayest neighbourhood in the gayest city on the planet).  It is a fun place because unlike the waterfront there aren’t many tourists.  As for the nightlife, if you can find gay sex in the Castro…. then you aren’t in the Castro.

Here is a post that was on the forum ( recently which I thought was interesting.  I’ve never been in San Fran when it was warm enough to get down to this beach but it definitely sounds like fun.  The guy who submitted this is OznSpeedoBoy – a 20-something year old asian boy who loves

Joining in with River this Monday for Musical Mondays. No, not the US tv Golden Girls.

The annual TV Logies are the Australian television awards, handed out at a quite glamorous evening event. The event is usually held in Melbourne, but the next will be at the Gold Coast, Queensland.

As they appeared in the opening number; Lorrae Desmond is still going, as is Hazel Phillips. Pat McDonald died in 1990. Denise Drysdale still appears on television. Jeanne Little is alive but with advanced dementia. Rowena Wallace is living a very modest life in a country town.

There are so many local television references in this but even if you don't know to what they are referring, it is still a laugh to watch. I have a niggling feeling I may have shown you this before. Oh well, if I can't remember, you may not either.

What a difference five or so years make. Kotaraya in Elsternwick was where we dined last Saturday night. I think we were last there about five years ago, not too long after it opened, and it was packed with patrons that night. It was not a great experience and I questioned our friend on Saturday night as we ate about what the problem was. Apparently four main courses came out, and for the two remaining diners, their main course did not arrive until after the other four had finished theirs. That is not great.

Saturday night the four of us decided to have the set banquet menu. I used to balk at set menus because I was poor and others were richer and I would get more food than I needed. I'll just go it alone, I said at times years ago. Banquet prices are getting up there, in this case $32, but it was well worth the money. Soup, four different entrees to share, four different main courses. One of our friends doesn't eat beef, so we had more beef and he ...

Today I spent the day with some of my nudie mates. Five of us jumped in the car and went to a National Park to a trail that we know about. Once we were a few hundred metres into the trail we stripped off and hiked nude to a beautiful waterhole that we have been to before.

We spent a couple of hours just chilling out on the rocks at the top of the pretty dry waterfall, eating lunch and chatting. It was a beautifully relaxed way to spend the day.

There are certain hazards in hiking nude in the Australian bush. Lots of the plants are spikey and you do not want to get any of those spikes in your junk. We were pretty unconcerned about being caught nude as we’d found out