September 2017

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Inferno Grill is located on a buzzy strip in Maroubra with rather a lot of interesting hole-in-the-wall eateries nearby. It might be worth getting to know the ‘hood a bit better… which is only half an hour’s bus ride from my place in Surry Hills, but I’ve hardly ever been out this way. It’s obviously an institution, with boys in school uniforms stopping by in packs, and other folks from the neighbourhood stopping in for lunch (and the restaurant sending out orders on Deliveroo).

I was hanging out with the gents from Ompty (they and the restaurant shouted me for the meal) and a very pleasant Friday afternoon it was, with a sneaky beer

Lyle lies - again
Fly A Flag!

It’s day two of my funemployment. That’s the term that is apparently used when you are still in your notice period after redundancy but you aren’t working. Some call it Gardening Leave. Funemployment sounds more well, fun!

Surprisingly and very pleasantly, today is predicted to be 27?C here in Sydney and tomorrow is going to be 31?C so I’ll be taking myself off to the beach to top up my Greece tan from head to toe. It’s not unusual to have some random beach weather at this early stage of Spring but 31?C is strangely warm. Let’s not get started on the Climate Change debate. To some of us it’s blindingly obvious but nay-sayers are probably hunkering down in Florida at the moment blaming the gays for God’s wrath sending them a hurricane.

So a few hours in the sunshine today and tomorrow should see a good start to my summer tan. Here’s hoping there are some pleasant sights to enjoy at the beach today

It seems Subway Crush has died. That is the New York blog that showed candid photos of hot men on the Subway.

London's Tube Crush has not died, but its posts are now less frequent.

What is interesting is that London Tube Crush's highest viewing numbers are in China. Tens of thousands young Asian females check in to see photos of hot blokes on the London Tube.

Bit weird really. I don't know why they would. Unlike gay men, woman can be so superficial.

For your information, none of these are my type and when I work out what is my type, I will let you know.


Today is my first real day of being unemployed. I’m effectively on “gardening leave” while my notice period is running out for another 8 days or so but there is no point me being in the office with nothing to do.

Today I finally began the task of going through and editing my photos from Iceland. I just hadn’t had time to do it any justice so I hadn’t done it at all. I’ve created an album on Facebook of my favourite 90 image but there are another 180 or so that I’m pretty happy with.

It was great to revisit the photos two months after being there. It’s such a magical

Boys in Frocks
Our Friend from Japan is staying in Melbourne. Sadly just before she arrived, her father who lived in an outer eastern area among the trees and nature, died. It is timely that she was here in Australia for his funeral and to sort our associated matters.

We had a pleasant evening at home with our Friend from Japan whereby R cooked us two vegetarian curries, served with white and saffron rice. The potato curry was nice. The hot bean curry, absolutely delicious.

We again met up with her for a meal at the nearby La Porchetta. She is out of the habit of tram drivers not waiting for her to sit down, as bus drivers in Japan do, and she tends to go flying down a tram before we or someone grabs her. A workmate of mine joined us. We were supposed to catch up with him for dinner the week before, but it totally slipped my mind.  It was great that he joined us. As you would expect, any friend of mine is a nice person.

We went to Bridge Road, Richmond ...
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