October 2017

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It is a grey windy old day here on the coast… grrrr.

When I got up and was sipping on my morning coffee looking at the ocean, I was wondering what I am going to do with the day and my phone beeped telling me I have a text message.

Married Guy: Swim today?

Dave: Yeah, will be there at noon.  I will have to get ‘changed’ afterwards.

Married Guy: I have to get back to the office so will shower and change at the pool. See you then.

The getting ‘changed’ is a little bit of code for “Blowjob in the change rooms.”

We’ve been doing this now about once a week.  We swim for 45 minutes or so, then head to the change rooms, then we suck each other off in the shower then leave discretely.  The Married Guy leaves last because he has to put his work suit and stuff back on and I don’t think anyone suspects anything.  There have been a couple of occasions when

While it is one of my favourite music tracks. I am not sure about this video. I found it worth watching. Maybe I have it wrong and it is not the least bit funny and you don't like it. Clever enough performance though, I suppose.

My Senior's Card arrived in the post yesterday. It is too late to do anything by mail or internet to get my Sydney public transport Opal card converted to a Senior's Opal. I phoned the call centre and after ever so much button pushing, a very nice slightly Indian accented  lass was smart enough to get straight to the matter and not waffle on. The only thing I can do is go to Central Station when I am in Sydney and that office will change you card over to a Senior's and transfer you balance of money from your old Opal card. The fare on the airport train as a full fare payer and a concession holder is not so dramatically different as I thought.

I did ask how come my Senior's card will expire in 60 days and my partner's old card does not. That is because your wife is a pensioner and you are only as Senior. I've challenged over the wife assumption in the past, but I just did not have the energy today. When I picked up the car ...
(Retrospective post)

Locals crossing the Zambezi River between Botswana and Zambia.

Golden boy, lives in a golden house, during the day he lives like a mouse, because he doesn't want to be seen, but at night he comes alive and dances like a queen

Happy Thong Thursday everybody…. how is your week going?

Mine has been busy but pretty productive.  There is a chance that this weekend I’ll go down to Manly to party and hang out with some friends so a few days in the office aren’t a bad thing.

Yesterday I finally got over 1,000 Twitter followers…. whoohooo!!!  I really don’t understand the whole Twitter thing, I like to write and 140 characters isn’t that much.

I’m @AussieSpeedoGuy

I wanted to share these thong photos, I love it when a guy is wearing a thong in the company of a girl but I think his thong is just a weird cut – what do you guys think?

White Male Thong


Only once have we weakened and sat inside our usual cafe at Station Pier because of the cold. We tend not to go there if there is a cold wind blowing, but otherwise we really like going there, seeing a bit of water, seeing ferry and cruise liner passengers, locals wandering and dog walking.

While it had a different name which I have forgotten, we once enjoyed a nice meal here several years ago. It is right next to the entrance to the pier.

I am trying to clear some photos. After this week's Sunday Selections we will be away for a week or so and maybe plenty of photos to post when I return. So, the humdrum of life.

If you look closely, in the top corner is a a small crack, enough to allow hot fat to drip from the barbeque on to the top of the air con unit where the barbeque sits. I solved the problem by lining the tray with a double layer of foil, but the foil eventually fails and it was my job to replace the foil before it failed but I forgot. Once again fat poured out over the barbeque. Let me Google. Ok, a place in Thomastown has stainless steel replacement trays. That's good. Mail order? You have to set up an account at their website. Drive and buy and pay for? WTF is a Thomastown? I think it is somewhere out in one of the crimeland suburbs.


Creativity is a very subjective thing. There are lots of pieces of art that other people love that I really don’t. Everyone responds to art and photography in different ways. Gay Sydney being the small world that it is, there is a fairly small network of gay photographers and we have all shot many of the same models.

One friend is great at finding sexy travellers to photograph while they are in town, another is great at photographing identities from the local scene. We all do our own thing and for the most part, we support and celebrate each other. For the most part.

Today I found out that a fellow Sydney photographer who I thought I shared a mutual respect for each other with, has called my photography crap and a waste of good models. He has said all the dust, clay and paint is crap, that I can’t do outdoors and my work is cheesy.

Well then. I guess he’s not a fan. It’s a shame that he’s been slagging off my