October 2017

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Those of you who have been reading my blog for a while know that Grindr has been a pretty good tool for me over the years getting hookups.

I do not have any affiliation with Grindr (although they are welcome to offer me sponsorship – hehehe), it is a free mobile phone app.

One problem I have always had with Grindr is that it doesn’t allow speedo selfies as profile pics.  Originally it was because of Apple’s stupid app rules.  These have been relaxed and there are some speedo photos but latest I’ve been trying to add a new selfie of me in my AussieBum Portsea’s which keeps getting denied.  Do any of you think this pic is pornographic?  I took this about 12 months ago when I was over in the states with Kip for the Lake Powell trip – it is from Kip’s sisters hottub.

Ow sorry, for members eyes only.


In the 18 years since I came out to my family, every now and then I’ve been a little put out that my mother never asks if I’m seeing someone or how things are going. Then I realise, she doesn’t do that with anyone.

My mum is pretty old school. She has very strong opinions about things but she keeps them to herself. She’s not one to make waves nor is she one to air her dirty laundry. Last night I was chatting to her and they are off to my cousin’s wedding and they are sharing a house with some family friends. One of those friends is a woman who is just a few years younger than my parents, so late 60’s. My mother referred to her partner as her “friend” John.

I simply must have one of these. R won't last forever and if I have to cook for myself and peel a potato, I will reduce its size to half. I don't think I have peeled a potato for about three decades. The presenter is rather amusing. Can the machine peel a pineapple, or my grape?

New Zealand's capital city, Wellington, has electric trolley buses. This photo is from Wikipedia. By User:Vardion - Own work, GFDL, I think I've messed that up.

The quite new trolley buses with overhead electric wires renewed a couple of years ago and being replaced by buses this October 31st. While other cities are racing to put in electrically powered public transport cities, it seems Wellington is taking a reverse step.

Some ...
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It's been ages since I have been on a train. Last week I had a day to myself and R was elsewhere. What should I do? I will visit the newish Tarneit Railway Station. Its service is provided by VLine, our country and regional service operator. So, it will be a nice VLocity train. Diesel electric, I think. I also think that means the motors power electric generators to move the train. They are really comfortable trains, made here in Victoria. As a rare user, the only criticism could be that there is some decent motor noise intrusion. But I quite like hearing the roar of the motors.

Tarneit is a newish and fastly growing suburb to the west of Melbourne city. The station has won awards and I must say, it is a good station, but situated far from shops on the barren windswept western plains. When I say it is a good station, it is very functional, but attractive? Not in my opinion. As well, it is surrounded by formal carparks and informal carparks. There were ...

For ages I haven’t been happy with the name for my main site and I’ve finally pulled the trigger and changed it to

This is a site that I first started back in 2001 when I was still in high school and it has evolved from a free site to just put up my favourite speedo photos for my own viewing.  The gallery (which is still available) ended up being 6,500 sorted/searchable photos.

I called the site

From there, I started putting up some of the early speedo movies – there weren’t many and the quality wasn’t great but it was a huge success and people loved them.  Problem was, I received a 1 month bandwidth bill for $800!!!  So that is when I had to start making it a members site to cover that cost.

The site was so popular that I eventually repaid the $800 server fee


Not too long ago an acquaintance sent me a text message saying “I’ve just been watching porn and saw you. When did you do that?” Um, I beg your pardon?

My mind started racing. Like a lot of people I’ve filmed some home made bits and pieces and I’m probably not as judicious as I should be when it comes to sharing some of the images I’ve taken. Had someone I’d shared a short video with shared something online or had one of my fellow “performers” posted something? It was unlikely I thought.

With baited breath the acquaintance went off to find a screenshot from the porno. It turns out it is a guy who lives or lived in Sydney and was in the porno I did

Dressing and styling yourself to your age is important. You may disagree but I think I do it appropriately. R certainly does so. He has a terrific head of hair, albeit greying and his hair is cut to a style that takes his thick hair into account. My hair is thin and I am balding, so I keep my hair very short. When I was younger I remember Ex Sis in Law said my hair was never the same twice, and that is quite true, long, short, bleached, ponytail, curly, slicked back, skin head shaved, mohawk and rats tails. From what I have seen on the www, you also dress and style yourself age appropriately.

One could forgive The Trumpet for many things, but honestly, his hair? Donny, mate, get your hair right. I am thinking number three buzz cut with a ginger dye, or the same cut with the natural grey.

From Facebook, with perhaps an annotation by Lord Sedgwick of Strathmore.