November 2017

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Direct hits, one after another after another. I've never experienced such a sustained storm.

The newly installed gutters and downpipes have failed in the deluge. Yes, water is pouring in that bedroom window.

Fairfax Press advertising campaign poster. They are rather good. The same has been done in Melbourne, using our own old photos.

There wasn't a lot to see at Darling Harbour, and like Manly the day before because of the weather, it was reasonably quiet. We had some lunch and then walked across Pyrmont Bridge to the city.

I rather wish I had made the videos a little longer. Children love to run around the spiral in the warmer weather.

It was hard to tell what this actually is, but it was an interesting screen.

Up onto Pyrmont Bridge.

Bring them here because it is the right thing to do, it is the humane course of action, the current system is a huge waste of money, refugees shouldn't be used as political footballs, and Australia can stop being looked at as the country that shirks its responsibilities.
I visited the House of Dior exhibition that was staged recently at the National Gallery of Victoria. I'm not a fashionista nor do I have any particular knowledge about fashion but I enjoyed what was on display and I could appreciate that there was considerable art and skill on display.

Here are some photos from my viewing (without comment nor caption).

Don’t blame multiculturalism

I’m a little behind on my superhero movies. So far Wonder Woman, Thor Ragnarok and even Batman v Superman are all still on my list to see. I’ve started BvS but it feels like a stinking pile of crap so I haven’t made much effort.

Last night some friends and I went to see the new Justice League film and after reading some pretty rubbish reviews of it earlier in the day let’s just say expectations were low. By the end of it we’d had some pretty good laughs and actually really enjoyed it. It’s far from a favourite but it was definitely worth seeing. Even if you aren’t a fan of the rest of the film, Henry Cavill shirtless is worth a look and a drool as always but the one that flooded my basement was

It wasn't too  far to walk to the Chinese Gardens (correctly called Chinese Gardens of Friendship) at the bottom end of Darling Harbour. There really is not much to say about them except they are wonderful and would be nicer when seen in bloom and on a fine day. It wasn't. We had not seen the gardens since the 1990s and the site has matured very well. It opened in the year of Sydney's bicentennial, 1988.

  Yesterday while I was at the gym the results of the Postal survey in Australia on the question of
I went walking in the rain, it was that sort of day

I asked if you’d buy it and I’m kind of assuming the answer was yes. Since comments still aren’t working I have to make these assumptions.

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