December 2017

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Late post today, and a big one to come tomorrow, if I finish it.

The St Kilda foreshore was in a sad and sorry state this Boxing Day morning. It was trashed by around 5,000 people, mostly backpackers, who gathered together Christmas afternoon and into the evening. At 8pm the City of Port Phillip alcohol ban in public spaces kicked in and was just ignored. By 8pm it was too late to enforce the ban. Many by then would have already been 'well oiled'. Of course the ban should have applied earlier, but I expect it didn't to allow Christmas picnickers to have a drink. Because they are backpackers, they don't have families here to visit with on Christmas Day and it is natural that they would gather together on a very pleasant day at the beach. Photos from The Age.

Day's end on Queensland's Sunshine Coast at Christmas time.

Mooloolaba Beach, looking north at day's endMooloolaba Beach, looking south at day's end

Lately I haven’t been blogging much but I have been fucking Alex and his boyfriend a bit.  They are coming over later for some fun.

The three of us are a perfect combination, Alex is a bottom, his boyfriend is a top and I love topping and bottoming just as much.  Being in the middle of those two, my cock inside Alex, his boyfriends cock inside me it pretty intense.

Here are some tastey looking butts to get me in the mood for anal sex.

Speedo ButtTight ButtTight Buns


It’s very hard to figure out where to eat as a casual diner at the Fish Market, and particularly when you have to figure out what to recommend for out-of-town family or friends. Both of my last family lunches (my family and a few years ago husband-to-be’s family), we settled on the Fish Market Cafe.

It’s partly because Doyle’s at the front has had consistently terrible reviews over the years, and the Fish Market Cafe (and Christie’s next to it) are always crowded but have table space (with a bit of effort and assertive behaviour…). The places further in don’t have seatings, and I did make the mistake one time of fighting with the seagulls outside. Never again.

For seven of us, we ordered a grilled platter and a fried platter and three scallop aburi (delicious, rice, cheese and roe on the scallop


christmas tree with presents 2017What is it that I usually say at this point? "Well, that's it over for another year"? Or some variation.

Well, consider it said.

After my traditional Christmas Eve pizza and the annual viewing of Arthur Christmas last night, I was in bed relatively early all things considered, which may explain why the hell I woke up at about quarter to six in the morning.

Fortunately it was early enough to send a message to Owlgirl before her flight left... because they decided that leaving on Christmas morning was the best idea. I mean, maybe it is, who ...

Tomorrow morning, I’m off on my naked adventure with the Naked Werewolves. It’s going to be great fun hanging out at River Island by the river with a bunch of nude guys. At this stage I only know a couple of the guys who are going. Another close friend and one of my good nude mates is coming along on the second day.

I’m going to have an attempt at vlogging the trip but I’ll obviously have to be very careful about the privacy of the others attending “Wolf-fest 2017”. The guys running it have a really good sense of adventure and I’m sure it will be full of laughs. I am taking my

Ok, it is Tuesday. Damn Christmas.

Read the book before you see the movie. Normally the movie won't be as good as the book. Not always the case though. A couple of books and tv series immediately come to mind where the screen version was better, Flame Trees of Thika and Fortunes of War. I am sure there are many examples of tv shows and movies that could be argued, book or movie/tv series.

But let us have a look at songs. With no objectivity at all, this is an ongoing series, for three weeks at least, where I reckon cover versions are superior to the original recordings by the artists who wrote and performed the original. My three examples cover at least three generations.

We will start and end with Aussie performers. This week it is The Beatles versus the Australian band ZOOT performing Eleanor Rigby.