December 2017

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Twice in England we visited the cheap store Primark, and I noticed something. The clothing seemed to be of a similar price to what we pay in Australia, but it was of higher quality. The fabrics were thicker, the sewing better, the buttons more firmly attached. I was quite impressed by Primark, perhaps equivalent to our Big W or Target. Primark's clothes seemed to mostly come from Bangladesh, whereas most of ours comes from China.

Australia's cheap clothing seems more like what is available in the US, except it is even cheaper in the US. I bought a shirt in Macy's department store in New York. It was a nice shirt but the fabric was so thin and already the buttons were loose. By the time the discounted shirt received a coupon discount as well, not that we had a coupon, and the discount that staff could give, I was almost paid to take the shirt. I rather liked Macys.

Department store clothing retail is difficult in Australia. The UK origin ...
Finally, I got back to re-pointing my front brick walls. I had completed most of it, there was just the last bit where I had to get in behind my pink camellia bush. About a metre left to do, not even a metre, which I had left for some weeks. Oh, it was too hot and then it was too cold and then too wet, and I was too tired... Sam's eyes begin to roll at this point.

I had to crawl along the garden bed in behind my large camellia bush, in amongst the aspidistras to get to the remaining brick work. The aspidistras were more than annoying, continually placing themselves between me and the brick work, as if they were doing it on purpose. (They had copped a beating by the time I had finished) The camellia bush, with its meandering limbs, seemed to take every opportunity to poke my skin, smack my head, scratch my arms and legs, as if it was a plant specifically created by Roald Dahl. Sticks poked into my knees, my ...

Sometimes I feel pleased with myself to make a nespresso at home, and that it’s easy and tasty. And sometimes, when I’m out for coffee, I remember why I like to go out for coffee. This perfect latte from the Caffeine Project had a nice strong flavour with just the right amount of crema. It sort of transported me somewhere else. And look how gorgeous the presentation is.

And the other thing is that I really love Central Park. The vibe of the place, the design of it, the mix of retailers: it’s a really great mall. The public space behind it is so perfectly designed, it’s vibrant and cool. It gives me a real feeling of loving urban development in Sydney, so watching as new buildings


I like the idea of cheap, easy Cantonese food in my neighbourhood, and Mister Dee’s Kitchen, that moved into the newly refurbished Oxford Square complex has a good vibe and a nice space. So, why is it always so empty? Especially, say, compared to the Brazilian cafe, Ovo, seconds away, that has line-ups.

It’s a shame. By the time I finally tried it, I thought that my dish, a simple braised pork belly on rice, was absolutely fine. It was tasty and cheap ($10.50). It was quick and just what I was looking for that night.

They seem to offer an interesting selection of Cantonese food: dumplings, various classic rice and noodles dishes. But for some reason, they’re just not attracting customers. Get in there quick


I feel like I should share with you guys what I got up to yesterday afternoon…..

It was around lunch time, I was just working away and it is from a long time member of who was staying at the fanciest hotel in Terrigal as he is in town on business (he lives in Melbourne).  He had finished his work requirements, had ducked down to the beach for a swim (in his AussieBum speedos) and when he was walking back up to the hotel he remembered that I live nearby and thought he’d email me.

He attached a selfie of him on the balcony of his hotel room wearing his AussieBums.

He is a little bit older than me (10 years) but looked pretty good in his speedo and I was just sitting at home working less than 1km from a member and fan…. you guys know how much I love and appreciate my members.

The guy loves speedos but is very much in the closet (never really done anything

I learnt something new today at the optometrist.

Apparently there are frames specifically designed for Asian faces.

I. had. no. idea.

For most of my life, I've had to contend with the challenge of finding glasses that I not only like (easy), but are also large enough for my gigantic head (difficult) and will sit properly on my Asian face (difficult).

Well, Asian glasses do exist. They are specially designed to accomodate small nose bridges and high cheek bones.

And, to my absolute delight, Tom Ford makes Asian glasses! How wonderful is that?

I guess it makes good economic sense given that ...
Don't drop the ball
Single father parenting is not something I have given any thought to. Probably all of you know someone who is a single mother, be it by separation, death, illness, choice.....there are many reasons why someone may be a single parent. Single mothers do seem to have a voice in public. Single fathers, not really.

I received an email from a single father, who I assume is in the US but may not be, who has set up a website with information for single fathers. It is not really relevant where Daniel is, as I expect the issues single fathers may face are the same the western world over.

He asked if I could give his website some publicity, and while I am not sure I am the right person for that, after having a look at his website, I am happy to lend some support. His website is here This is his website introduction.

About MeHi there! I’m Daniel. I’ve been a single dad to my ...
9.45am. Turn Your Laptop Off, Christian. There is only so much YouTube you can watch. I never thought that was true, but just lately it is becoming apparent to me.

The shower tap has been dripping for a few weeks. It was only a few months ago that I replaced the washer. That time it was the hot water tap, but I replaced the cold water tap as well, as a matter of course. I found the problem with the cold tap in the shower was that the new washer I installed a few months ago had broken off it t-piece, so that was an easy fix. I walked to Bunnings and got two new washers for both shower taps.
I can sew buttons back on shirts too.

I met Charlie in the city at 1pm, in Exhibition Street outside his work and we headed over to the carpark on Bourke Street and ate Thai food. I had spicy Laksa soup. Charlie, the quiet talker, I always find so hard to understand, so, of course, I was going to suggest somewhere quiet, but he seemed keen on the place we ...

Everyone has their little guilty pleasures which may or may not every be spoken of. I freely admit I happily watch the Kardashians when I need to not bother thinking, a cheeky beer after a long day or walking around without any pants when I’m home alone. None of those would come as a surprise to anyone that knows me.

A new guilty pleasure of mine, which may not get discussed with friends, is Harry Styles. The former One Direction member was always the most interesting member of the group in the way that Robbie Williams was in Take That. Harry always seemed a bit naughty, cheeky and just fun.

He’s been in Australia recently and performed at our Music Industry awards, the ARIAS. There is something so intriguing about Mr Styles. He has the fashion flair of David Bowie, the swagger of Mick Jagger. Combine that with his famous sexual ambiguity and you have quite a lot of sex appeal.

We are in an era where hyper masculinity is held up