January 2018

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We live on St Kilda Road, a proper boulevard. Every so often there is a push to rename it St Kilda Boulevard, but bugger orf. It is St Kilda Road.

It was once lined with grand Victorian houses, most of which have been demolished. A book about the demolition company, Whelan the Wrecker, mentioned a worker who was involved in the demolition of Illoura. He was very experienced at knocking down buildings of the Victorian era. He was very troubled about knocking down Illoura.

The old Illoura.

Illoura now, and there are vague plans to demolish this replacement building.

mini citytrue building

'Swinging Safari' takes us back to a beachside Central Coast Australian town in the 1970s. Three families living in a cul-de-sac are enjoying their Australian summer, spent around the beach and their backyards and, in the case of the parents, in their sunken lounge rooms eating Fondues and wildly entering into the fad of their time; swapping partners.

The film is to be congratulated for featuring either by mention or appearance countless curiosities from those days which are now a distant memory; if remembered at all. On the negative side the ...

In the interest of exploration, I chose the most interesting looking cafe for brunch I could on Zomato (and peaking at Google reviews too) and we tried this place on a Saturday morning. I expected a regular old hipster café, and that’s what it looks like with its cold drop coffee and delicious looking pastries at the counter. But we happened to try the breakfast bowls, and I loved the Asian influence. If they do just as well with their breakfast burritos, then this place is totally a winner.

Plus, it’s got a great vibe: a loyal clientele dropping by, many known by name, it seemed, dressed casually and with interesting tattoos and some with keep-cups for takeaway coffee. I decided to try a cold drip coffee; it&rsquo


Now this was a great surprise. Located below the Hyde Park Inn, across from Hyde Park, I’d passed by it many times. It looked traditional and non-descript. Boasting a Mediterranean menu, I’d never had a reason to try it until we needed a quick meal, but wanted a nice meal, before going to see Riot at the Spiegeltent during the Sydney Festival. My dishes were particularly tasty: beautifully done, very rich meat dishes.

The restaurant seems a bit of a mystery in fact, now that I’ve looked it up on the internet. No clues to how long it’s been around. The website looks like it might be new, but doesn’t have a lot of information up. We were greeted very heartily by who we assume was the owner, and were served


Hey ??

I’ve started a Facebook page for my blog to make it easier for people to find my posts and hopefully increase the conversations that happen from these posts.

All of my posts get shared straight to the page and you can go on over and like it here. Now back to your regularly scheduled programming.

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This is not a proper post about the big wardrobe clean up, but part of it was shredding Mother's letters, dating back to the late 1980s. Her letters turned into 7 large garbage bags of shredded paper. It would take a long time to reread them, and I didn't but a couple grabbed my attention.

In 1988 Sister turned 21 and Mother bought her a marquesite? watch for $180 and the cake for her birthday party cost $70.

Somewhat related to Cro's recent post, an aerogram. Mother is a good speller, and I don't ...
notnotcamscott ...


Having recently read a blog by someone I follow on twitter about their own writing process, I thought I’d tell you all about mine. Thanks for the inspiration The Oddball Gay.

I guess my writing process is still in the development stages as I was never one to sit down and write as kids or even as a teenager I hated any class that made me sit there and write, I could be found excelling at those things where you got to run around, throw a ball, score goals and be competitive. I used an excuse in school to play sport and have a day off but that’s a story for another day.

Having decided to start this blog 6 months ago now, and then really making ago of it in the last few months, I find I write best in what I call organised chaos. I need noise