February 2018

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These religious exemptions entrench historical prejudices against LGBTI Australians
Dear Panel of the Inquiry into Freedom of Religion, Consent In making this submission, I understand that: (1) My submission will be disclosed to the Expert Panel and may be...
Hey guys,

As we mentioned at Wednesday's rehearsal, I've added everyone to the blog page.  It's basically the facebook group, just without the comments and conversations.

The first rehearsal went really well and we can't wait for those who missed it to join us on Sunday's rehearsal.

Remember Sunday's rehearsal is in the Amphitheatre space out the back of the pavilion, although as we found on Wednesday, this is better for us, with plenty of space.  See you there from 6pm.  We'll deal with any rain if it occurs.

For those who are coming from out of town, find a link to the youtube video of our routine thus far.  It's a private link so you can't find it with a search, only through the link here.  The whole routine only goes for 90 seconds, and we're only half way through it, so small doses each time.  Get your broomsticks and mops out to help.  We&apos ...
Religious privileges must be rolled back
If you would like to add your submission, please send it through. Stirrer Submission on Religious Freedom National Secular Lobby Submission PFLAG Capital Region Submission Human Rights Law Centre Submission...
I am such an Aussie bloke at times. I say this with no pride. R tells me he mentioned this to me three times and I did not pick up on it. Eventually after he said he refused to tell me again I did some research, and came up with the wrong thing, except he did not know that. He wanted to see La Boheme as an open air performance on the shores of Farm Cove in Sydney. This is surely the location where his English sister was married with the backdrop of the Opera House and Harbour Bridge when we were the wedding planners, ever so many years ago.

Wouldn't it have been so nice that on R's birthday in March, I could have presented him with the ticket for an April performance when I am on holidays and say, guess what? We are going to La ...


On Broadway, among all of the restaurants that seemed to be aimed at university students, some from Taiwan, one Malaysian, Indonesian, really a melting hotpot of mostly Asian cuisine, is the Chulin Chinese Cuisine & Deli. I hunted it down after eating at Gingko in Darlinghurst, reading that the owners are the same. But this is night and day.

This is a very casual spot with humble food and prices to match, rather than the high-end Eastern Suburbs interpretation of food from the same city, Harbin, in the far north of China, near the Russian border.

My dining companion had actually visited there and said it’s


Our Prime Minister, Malcolm Turnbull, doesn't have much luck, does he? Just when at long last, after numerous failing Polls, one Poll showed the minutest of turns in his favour, his own Coalition Partner, Barnaby Joyce, throws an almighty spanner into his works.

But is it just bad luck? Hasn't Turnbull shown poor judgement numerous times over his political ...
It's the Year of the Dog. I'm in Canberra wallowing (again) in excessive feast.