February 2018

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I like the title of this blog post…. it could be interpreted or mean soooooo many different things.

I’ve got a feeling that Kip is going to pussy out of wearing speedos only at some of the hot springs.  While Kip is a huge speedo fan, like you guys of course, he isn’t used to wearing them in public as I am.

So I have made up a wager for him and I’m interested to hear your feedback.

If Kip doesn’t speedo it up at any of the hot springs we are going to then the next time we arrange a hookup (we have one roughly planned with a cute guy late next week from the online app Grindr), Kip will be tied to a chair and have to watch the hookup and I fool around (polite way of saying fuck each others brains out).  And he won’t be able to join in at all.

Do you think this will be enough motivation for Kip to speedo it up in public?

See Kip – these guys like wearing their speedos in public

Joining in with River for Sunday Selections. Not so many days in February, so I expect Elephant's Child will be back next Sunday with a backlog of photos. Fingers crossed.

A good use for a church, in my opinion. It is part of the performance space for Chapel off Chapel in Malvern Road, Prahran. The former Uniting Church was was bought in 1980 by the Prahran City Council, now part of City of Stonnington. We have seen performances at the venue several times and always enjoyed them.

adelaide fringe: the displaced - time in space circusIn 2016 I saw Total Nonstop Tricks by Time in Space Circus and I said, amongst other things:
I once described a circus troupe in a previous Fringe as cookie dough... they hadn't yet become what they ultimately would be, but with a little time and love, they would definitely get there.

Using the same analogy, and in the best possible way, Total Nonstop Tricks can most accurately be described as "ingredients&quot
Oh, I like this display option. A proper clock. Not this one where it is 7:20.

It's nearly half past eight.

(Belvoir Street Theatre)
'Single Asian Female' focuses on three females; a fifties something recently divorced mother and her two daughters, one aged in her late twenties and the other a high school teenager. Mum is an immigrant whose home origin cultural mannerisms and accent embarrass the younger daughter. The older daughter is more tolerant of her mother but suffers the boorish behaviour she experiences as a first generation Australian.

Set mostly in the family run Chinese Restaurant and its upstairs bedroom, this is a ...

From what at I could find out, David Bromley was commissioned by the company redeveloping this site to decorate it. Distract from the fact it's another over-development of Brisbane's West End?/
photo spotmuseum squares

I’d heard of Cairo Takeaway but I got a strong recommendation to try it from an English school teacher who is Chinese and Jewish and called herself Jewsian. I love that! My delight in the multicultural ways of the world is also why I was excited to try Cairo Takeaway, of which I’d heard a bit of buzz.

I’m no expert to be able to say what was different than Middle Eastern food that I’ve tried but I thought this was very fine food: the pickles and spices and condiments, perhaps subtle, was tasty and fresh. We split two dishes between the two of us for lunch (washed down with a beer from Young Henrys


In my years on this planet, I’ve learnt many things about myself through constant over analysis. It could also be said that I’ve just plain old tried lots of things. Gymnastics, tennis, swimming, rowing, aerial silks, flying trapeze, bungee jumping, scuba diving, cooking, etc etc. That’s not unusual. Most of us try different things through our lives.

One of the things I had lessons in as a child is piano. I had lessons for three years and while my memory of my teacher is a kindly lady in her 50’s or 60’s, she may well have been in her 20’s but aged horribly due to all the stress of listening to my musical abilities, best described as non-existent. I can dance to a beat, tap to a beat but beyond that, I have no musical talent whatsoever.

So when I found Andrew Huang through Peter McKinnon’s youtube, I was very very impressed. This