March 2018

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Twitter can be very useful. While I don't tweet, and my Twitter skills are minimal, I do did follow about 90 people or organisations. Three were journalists, a few people interested in public transport and a couple of people who I know. The rest just people of interest, but not impelling so.

Twitter used to list tweets in chronological order of them being posted. I don't know how it done now, but it can be impossible to find a specific tweet. Let me explain.

For those I was most interested in, their tweet would become a text message to my phone. Then Twitter extended the length of tweets from 140 characters to 280. Consequently I was rarely seeing the full message when it came as an sms and so had to go to my Twitter account or app to find it if I wanted to read more. Unlike Facebook, there doesn't seem to any way to order tweets chronologically.

Invariably to find it I would have to go to the person's profile who I follow ...
adelaide fringe: sound and fury's cyranoseMany, many times when watching Sound and Fury's previous shows I've wondered to myself just how in control Richard, Patrick and Ryan really are at any given moment and how close to spinning off the rails the show really is.

In the best possible way, you understand. It's one of the things I love most about them.

Tonight I think we came as close as humanly possible to that. And it was glorious.

With the lovely Clayton ...

Sometimes you just need a friend to do recommend something you’ve always been curious about to give it a go yourself. No, I’m not talking about anything sexual.

About a month ago some friends of mine went to a psychic. They both had some absolutely spot on information come from the psychic without him having any way at all of knowing the details that he mentioned. In my typical Libran fashion I am equal parts sceptical about it and a believer. So what can I do? Go and see the psychic myself.

While I didn’t have any “rock my world” kind of moments, there were a few things that he said that made a lot of sense and he was spot on about. Like a lot of people, one of the

it's my 44th birthdayIt's a repdigit birthday... I always like those. Although I didn't actually know there was a special name for the numbers until I looked it up just now.

And as always, happy birthday to those gentlemen who happen to share my birth day and month... including basketballer Stephen Curry, Johan Paulik, Jamie Bell, ...


Thanks for this one


Oh boy, I can only imagine the questions you’ll get. My question – What are you passionate about in life?

While for my friends would probably say this is really easy for me to come up with, it actually wasn’t, I have quiet a list of things I am passionate about, I did settle on probably the most obvious one, which is Netball not because it is easy for me to write and talk about, but because everything else in my life usually takes a back seat to it and wouldn’t be the first time the words “I can’t I have netball came out of my



I’d say welcome back for another Tuesday but Life got busy and it’s now technically Wednesday but Oh Well!

Anyway back to digging through my Discover Weekly Playlist to find some hidden gems and somethings that should stay buried.


Over it Katharine McPhee:
Once again I’m late to the party, ( which if you know me I’m never late I am always on and annoyingly early to things) never realised Katharine is a singer who was on American Idol in 2005, if you are like me you probably know her from such things as Smash and Scorpion. Not only can she act she can sing as well.

Heartbeat: Beckah Shae

Never heard of Beckah Shae but I love beat in this song, basically

Well, on Day 3 at Cowes, Mother's bowel problem rectified itself without drama. She made little remark except for it is almost a predictable cycle, but unpredictable enough for her being too afraid to do social things.

R was becoming thoroughly exasperated by hearing about her medical problems. I, like my brothers and sister don't really hear or take notice when she moans on about her medical problems, but clearly it was getting to R as he was getting snappy with me. I quote what R said to a friend on the phone, "She moaned and whinged for the whole three days". Not exactly, but she did moan on enough. R is used to Mother Thursday, where when he arrives to take her out she is about to die. By the time he takes her back home, she is happy as Larry. R said she never got to that happy point for the whole three days. I don't really agree. I had some good chats about old family stuff with Mother. Perhaps not so interesting to R.
I'm getting ready for my return flight back to Melbourne. I've had a terrific time in Europe (though it feels like I've been away for ages).

I thought I'd post some snaps from my trip.

Unsurprisingly, given the all the water, seafood is a speciality in Venice and surrounding.
Of course I had to have pizza...
The most stunning work IMO of the Wall to Wall Festival this year was DV8"s portrayal of an endangered Barking Owl in the tiny town of Goorambat. This is also where Adnate's wonderful painting from 2017 is located.