March 2018

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I’ve noticed that a lot of people seem to be out out of sorts lately, struggling with depression, even taking the struggle to the edge and just not shining like they usually are, want to and deserve to. Hurtling downward in the dark on my own rollercoaster ride right now, I gotta say that I’m feeling it too. There’s a dark storm rumbling inside, outside it’s all a bit of jumble – and I’m pretty much held together by Aesop, distractions and coffee. This particular ride started with burnout that landed me in hospital in December and you know, I’m kinda done and need a break, mostly from myself. Fuck this stupid fuckin ride, I want to get off for a while.

The Never Ending Story called it the Nothing, I call it the Bankrupt Circus

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There are some people you can chat to for ages about doing a photo shoot and it just never seems to happen. Max The Pony is one of those guys. We have chatted for about two or three years about doing a shoot but we’ve recently reconnected on Instagram and we have locked in a shoot on the 8th April. I’m getting much better at just booking shoots in and not procrastinating.

Max is a sweet guy, a sex worker and has one of the most enormous penises I’ve ever seen. You get a vague impression of it in these photos but they don’t do it justice. The damn thing gets ENORMOUS. So we are finally going to do some shots. I’m aiming for a very horny edition of the

I am late with this but at least it is still Monday. It is not too remarkable and the hoardings prevent any checking for an artist. It is quite large though. Spencer Street in Melbourne.

I’ve had stacks of emails and messages over the last week asking if I’m still alive or if I’ve died in a snowboard speedo accident?

I can promise you all, I am large as life and twice as ugly – hahaha.  It is sweet to receive the emails of concern.  Kip and I have just been super busy the last couple of weeks which is great that we are getting stuff done but it hasn’t allowed me much time for blogging or anything too naughty.

I am on my way home to Aussie, I’m writing this blog post from the Denver International Airport.  It is going to be a long day but I’m excited to get back to the beach and some speedo friendly weather.

One thing I have managed to sort out for you guys – a new movie of the week.  If you are a blog member (it is only $5) you don’t have to watch the short clip below, you can watch the entire 26 minutes!!!

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So, let me get this straight, the Australian cricket team sticky taped their balls together, or something, or other, really, care factor zero!

Aren't all sportsmen in this day and age cheats? Drugs, or yellow tape, or whatever it takes.

Don't they now cheat in all sports? Russian olympics, Chinese swim stars, bike riders and the rest. Isn't it now just a race to find the next undetectable performance enhancing drug to use to beat your opponent to get the million dollar payoff??

Isn't it just de rigueur?

Another rugby team has just been caught cheating on the salary cap.
This is fucking awesome! Buy “Dem Beats” ft. RuPaul on iTunes NOW! ??…/…/1361840739…

The following is another guest post from Peter Minkoff from Gay Republic. His first guest post on gay relationships had a really positive response so we’re following up with a How To Have a Perfect First Date.

Whenever they asked me how my first date had gone, I had something to complain about – either he was too quiet, the atmosphere was dead and boring (something like The Hurt Locker), or I was just not that into him. Then, one day, I stopped and asked myself why this was happening and analyzed my moves. It turned out – not all of them were very smooth. After that moment of realization (which I like to call “Illumination”), each date was perfect. Yes, sure, not all of them turned out to be great partners, but we’re talking about first dates here. So, let me share my secrets with you



Monday can only mean one thing I post about attractive men wearing minimal clothing who are relatively famous. And this Monday is no different.


Today’s Crush is dedicated to a lovely fellow blogger who I have become friends with in the last 6 months, unfortunately we live about 2000 kms away from each other and he has got himself a man so isn’t blogging as much, but check him out and that is Living Gay Brisbane. Thanks for doing that new post and from that today’s crush is none other then

TOM DALEY!!!!!!!!!!!


We went to see The Black Panther. I liked it, it was entertaining. It was visually great and actioned packed. Sam didn't like it as much as I did, which was funny, as I wanted to see Peter Rabbit.

I will say this about The Black Panther, I'm sure that they cast it with the help of a modelling agency, as the cast is unbelievably good looking. Michael B Jordan must be the sexist man alive, despite his Cottonelle finish in the movie.