April 2018

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The current obsession with indoor plants (driven largely by hipster types) seems to have no end in sight.
And among the most coveted of indoor plants is this beauty known as Pilea peperomioides or the Chinese money plant. Pilea used to be virtually non-existent here in Australia (which made it even more coveted). I've started to see it in a few specialist nurseries, often at extremely high prices. It's suppose to be super easy to grow but still remains rare in this country.

So, I was quite surprised to see a young lady with a large Pilea on the tram in the city last weekend. It was such a rare sight ...
Our Dyke Friend made us most welcome for our Launceston visit. Let  me call her T and our Hair Dresser Friend who we travelled with A.  T had monitored our flight and knew it would be late. Not too long after we arrived, she picked us up in her sister's car larger car.

Now, we have been to Launceston before, but it is hard to remember. We stayed near the centre of town, I think I have worked out it was near the corner of George and Canning Streets. I remember the city area as being quite flat but also the motorway to the airport being quite steep. Let me tell you, Launceston once out of the central city area is very steep and absolutely gorgeous. We loved it. There are so many stylish old buildings, no real tower glass boxes. The housing, from the historic to the modern is stylish and well maintained. While there must be some not so nice parts, we never saw them.

In my finest stalking manner, I had looked extensively at where T lives and ...

Anzac Day
(Sydney Theatre Company)
Rose (Sarah Peirse) surprises Hazel (Pamela Rabe) arriving unannounced at her isolated home. Hazel is home alone waiting for her husband Robin (William Zappa) to return from feeding their cows.

As 'The Children' unfolds - with a surprising amount of humour - we learn that the house is close to an exclusion area around a damaged nuclear facility closed off following an earthquake and tsunami. Rose, Hazel and Robyn share a past both personally and professionally and while their ...
Melbourne has had its turn, as have many other cities in the world, of a motorist deliberately mowing down pedestrians. Now sadly the great city of Toronto has been added to the list. It catches you a little bit more when you have previously visited the city where the crime has now been committed. Thoughts and good wishes to Torontons.

Flag of the Province of Ontario and the flag of Canada. They may at times be at half mast in the near future, but the will keep flying.


Well here we are back again for another wondrous day of Tunes from what can only be described as godly playlist which is Discover Weekly on Spotify.


Candy: Mandy Moore:

Kicking off this week with a Sick Tune from the 1999 a classic pop hit from Ms Moore, cause who doesn’t love some candy, be it man or otherwise. This is probably the only pop princess that didn’t turn dirty or if she did I never heard about it so it doesn’t count. So for some wholesome teenage candy fun add this one to the playlist.


The Tide is High: Atomic Kitten

Continuing with some old school pop divas we cross the sea to the UK to a group that had more line up changes then hit songs (maybe a little). These ladies were one of my favourite groups and I did like their

Let the members speak
Jetstar: A few years ago, Melbourne to Tokyo, 8 hours late.

Recently Melbourne to Sydney, one hour late.

Sydney to Melbourne, two hours late.

Melbourne to Launceston, one hour late.

Launceston to Melbourne, two hours late.

Jetstar is nothing if not consistent. All flights come with screaming and badly behaving children. While crying babies must be tolerated by grumpy old men, not so badly behaving children.

We won't fly Jetstar again. I feel bad for the quite good staff who have to put up with such poor company management. It is not the fault of your check in staff or flight attendants, or even pilot. The fish rots from the head.
Ask, don’t just impose
We should be better than this