April 2018

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The long-simmering catastrophe at the LGBTI radio station is finally coming to the boil


Welcome back to another fabulous week of tunes to celebrate what is the Discover Weekly playlist from Spotify.

Lets have a look at the


This week we have a very musical theatre theme going on.

Touch-A Touch-A Touch Me: Rocky Horror

Well Yes I can think of at least a few dozen people who I wouldn’t complain about the touching me, some even have blonde hair and a tan. She does have a point heavy petting does always lead to more and trouble. Now taking application  for help to get ride of this itch she speaks about. This is one of my all time favourite movies, after this may call for a rewatch.


Queen of Swords: Idina Menzel


Just a quick reminder that our end of season video night will be this Friday 20 April at Palms on Oxford Street from 7.30pm, until the public come in around 8.30 or 9pm.  Looking forward to seeing everyone again for a laugh and a drink, while we kick back and enjoy the video that our videographer Mike has put together.

See you there before we all go into winter hibernation.

Gary and the Committee
For nearly two weeks we have been bustituted, that is buses attempting  to replace our trams. I have been and still am on holidays, so we have been using our public transport a good bit to get to town and Prahran. The first trip to town was a bit of fun, subsequently, walk for a distance, get on to a bus and then change to a tram has become a pain. The programmed tram advance announcements warning us to allow extra time for our journey came to fruition.

The buses shuttle between two tram temporary connecting points. This is because of the construction of an underground train station. The road restrictions have caused us massive inconvenience, but we manage. We may well be dead by the time the project is completed and we might not get any benefit. I try to think of it as planting a slow growing but wonderful tree. We are doing for the future, for the kiddies. Yes Cathy, it always on my mind. Do it for the ...
Our recycling only works if somebody is willing to buy our recycling material, said the council representative.
Governments still don’t get it, do they? Recycling is not an opportunity to make money, recycling is an opportunity to save the human race.

Yesterday I posted as I headed out the door to photograph a real life couple. It was one of the sexiest shoots I have ever done. The two men did everything but fuck each other in the shoot and there are some shots that will definitely be for their use only.

It was the unscripted, unposed shots that were the sexiest. Photographing a real couple means there is genuine emotions, connection and passion there to be captured.

With all the erotic stuff I’ve been doing lately I have been striving to make sure there is some beauty and creativity in it. I have no real interest in just shooting boners for the sake of it. We shot using available light streaming in through the window



Welcome back to another man Crush Monday!

Well this week I have been binge watching How To Get Away with Murder, three seasons down and now if Netflix could kindly put season 4 on that would be great.

So this weeks man Crush is Jack Falahee who plays the one and only Connor Walsh.

He is gorgeous so enjoy ?




Victor the night before asked us what time we were flying out and were we going to do anything touristy before we left. I didn't actually know, but I knew there was a gap between when we had to check out and our flight time. Little did I know how long the gap would go on to be.

R, let's just go to the Quay. There is museum nearby and we can have some brunch, just not at Rossini. Ok, said R. Meanwhile I was furiously wringing my hands together as they felt hot, itchy and about to peel off all skin. I was not even conscious of what I what I was doing. We set forth. Sydney's war memorial has had a big clean up and is looking grand, but will the hoardings be down by ANZAC Day on the 25th of April?


Some guys are just beautiful. Phoenix is one of those guys. He came to my attention on the Instagram of another Sydney based photographer. It was a bit of a lucky find to be honest as the shoot I saw was the only shoot he’d done with a professional photographer.

Phoenix and I caught up for a coffee to chat about doing a shoot and he was keen. His one stipulation, as with a lot of guys, was that there was no frontal. This whole shoot only took about 40 minutes tops. A friend was kind enough to let us do the shoot in their beautiful little back yard pool. It’s certainly not a pool that you’d do laps in but on a hot day, cooling off in the dappled shade, naked in


For my second photo shoot of the day I’m about to take on a challenge that I haven’t really experienced before. Instagram is the place that I am finding most of my models and this afternoon’s shoot is no different. The new challenge for me is the fact that we are doing a shoot with a real life couple.

Unlike my RED shoot, this isn’t as stylised and these two guys know each other intimately. I’m not sure how far in to the realm of erotica we will go. My plan for the shoot is to get some beautiful shots of them being playful in bed and on the lounge etc as well as some gorgeous shots of the two bodies all entwined.

One of the guys is pretty much up for anything but the other one is a bit more modest