May 2018

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The sun is shining, it is nice. Crystal clear. Some may say sparkling. It is glistening in my garden, warm and bright.

Unfair advantage to religion lobby?
There's always someone throwing bricks at the cops
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It seems by the number of Youtube videos, ship anchors go bad quite often. It seems there is a drum braking mechanism that is prone to failure. I wonder if retired Royal Naval shipman known as Vest experienced anchor failure? Ship anchors have never been a fascination for me, but it is interesting to learn about what happens that ship passengers never see. After three minutes of extensive research on Youtube, this is the best I could find. I think the quite expensive chain has gone to Davy Jones' Locker.

Given that I have not long started a new job and won’t really be able to plan any decent holidays this year I’m now looking towards next year. In the past I’ve spoken about my plan to do an international trip every two years with a domestic in between. So far the domestic plan hasn’t worked out with one “domestic” year being hijacked for a trip to Bali for a friend’s 40th which was great fun. This year’s is being sacrificed to the working gods. Of course, my travel plans always include some options for getting naked as much as possible and the timing works well for escaping Australia’s winter and enjoying some warmth on my butt in Europe. At this stage after a conversation with a  well travelled, nude-inclined friend of mine I’m thinking of Corsica or Sardinia, Sicily, Portugal and possibly finishing off with a few days in a gay clothing optional B&B in the South of France that I’ve read ...

C talks a lot of shit. Or rather he talks a lot about shit. His own shit actually. C studies his own poo closely from which he develops theories about his state of health. I suppose there is nothing wrong with that except that I don't understand his need to share his findings so often. Or indeed, at all.

When I was in New York in March I saw a novelty booklet entitled 'What your poo means' (or words to that effect). I couldn't resist and I bought a copy back as a present for C. I wasn't sure how C would react to this present but he seemed to take in good spirit. I noticed he ...
I was shocked to discover how dirty our kitchen is. I was making a cup of coffee, the coffee machine sits on the back bench in the kitchen, the one that gets less use as a work bench and more use as that place to put stuff. I started to rub the granite bench top, as the coffee machine did its thing, with my fingernail, and something scraped off. Then I noticed there was a kind dust ring just inside where we, clearly, have rubbed the sponge. That led to daring to look behind the big wooden bowl with all the pasta in it. 


There was a crusty mound there of indeterminate origin. "Er." Grimace.

I thought we were clean people. Of course, Sam would blame me.

"I'm the tidy one," Sam would say.

And while technically he is correct, he cooks and I clean, I'm sure that doesn't include the long term cleaning maintenance, surely that is a core, structural household ...
Facebook has a setting to see most recent posts, but it will never come on by default. You always have to switch to the setting. I can almost deal with that but it is not how I would like FB to be, that is always newest posts first. Apparently FB judges what you should see by algorithms. Algorithms sound like scary stuffs, built to control what we see.

I love Gmail on my desktop, but not on my phone and tablet. In desktop mode you can turn off the silly and unreliable groupings of conversations that Gmail does on phones and tablets, which you cannot turn off. I hate grouped conversations. Again, I just want emails to arrive in order of when they are sent. I am guessing it is again about algorithms.

Twitter was once so simple, but it has gone down the same path and shows you what it thinks you want to see, and it is nearly always wrong. I just want to see Tweets in the order of their arrival. Is that so wrong or so hard? Algorithms at work? Algorithms ...
European Society for Endocrinology Conference 2018

Symposium S30.3

Abstract : Brain structure and function in gender dysphoria

The concept of gender identity is uniquely human. Hence we are left with the phenomenon of men and women suffering from Gender Dysphoria (GD) also known as transsexualism to study the origins of gender identity in humans.
It has been hypothesized that atypical levels of sex steroids during a perinatal critical period of neuronal sexual differentiation may be involved in the development of GD. In order to test this hypothesis, we investigated brain structure and function in individuals diagnosed with GD using magnetic resonance imaging (MRI). Since GD is often diagnosed in childhood and puberty has been proposed to be an additional organizational period in brain differentiation, we included both prepubertal children and adolescents with GD in our studies.
First, we measured brain activation upon exposure to ...