May 2018

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The wind last week did serious damage to our lush and glorious garden, which consists of a permanent potted plant and an annual potted plant on the balcony. I am not knowledgeable about using the camera's macro setting. I might have taken better photos from a distance and then cropped in the salient bits. Never mind. Perhaps you can see the damage the wind made.

This plant has never been damaged by wind, yet it has been this time if you look closely. No matter really. This winter it will be severely cut back. It was a gift from our Friend in Japan some twenty plus years ago, and we gave it away when we moved here, only to ask for it back.

One can only shake one's head in despair when reading a story like this. Drunk and drugged, two women assault two paramedics to the point where two years later one still can't work because of his physical injuries and this is the sentence handed out. From The Age.

Amanda Warren and Caris Underwood, who in 2016 attacked the paramedics in Reservoir after a day-long binge on bourbon, champagne and cannabis, were last year jailed by a magistrate for eight months and four months respectively.But the pair immediately appealed against their sentences, and on Tuesday County Court judge Barbara Cotterell upheld the challenges and quashed the prison terms.Warren, a 33-year-old mother of four, and Underwood, 20, had faced mandatory prison time under 2014 laws that required automatic jail time for people who assaulted emergency workers on duty but Judge Cotterell found special circumstances applied to both women.
The ruling brought little comfort to Mr Judd ...


Welcome Back for another week of fun fabulous tunes from Discover Weekly Spotify.

My biggest surprise on this weeks list is the fact that it is not filled with Eurovision songs as it’s basically all I have been listening to for the past 2 weeks.

If you missed all my post about Eurovision (not sure how you could) but head over to my Review page and you can catch up.

Alright now lets get into it.


This week was a little bit of a miss for me with Spotify their wasn’t much I really enjoyed, but we did scrape some diamonds out of the rough.


Walking to the hospital, I am noticing the plain, boxy apartment buildings of Vancouver of the 40s and 50s, none renovated, in colours of pastel and forest. I can hear the voice of a friend Bert who left the city years ago, moving to Calgary. ‘Everyone says Vancouver is so beautiful but look at the buildings. If you picked up the whole city and plunked it down in the middle of the Prairies, people would notice how ugly it is without the mountains and the water’.

I think he’s correct, mostly. For a city that strives to be sophisticated, there are many parts of the city that seems sleepy and quiet, small town, and not particularly pretty. The bushes and shrubbery are often perfectly shaped in a suspicious way. There has been a movement to let lawns be overtaken by local wildflowers and plants, but the majority still are suburban

I realised that our cat, Milo, is the most chilled member of the house. Of course, truthfully, he has the least to do. But is it traditionally the cat that is the most relaxed member of the household?

I put Nancy Wilson on. It always reminds me of being a kid with a migraine. When I say kid, early to late teens. It was the only thing that fixed it, Nancy Wilson, Lush Life, and a dark room. Not being disturbed. And they were still mystified when I came out as gay at 25. (chuckle) The clues were there people. Now it is into a $500 pair of noise cancelling headphones, so you can understand that it is my own peculiar little world. The outside world goes on as if some else’s peripheral vision somewhere.

Some things you just have to laugh at.
Poverty I tell you. We will be living in poverty. Just when we thought we were catching up with finances, this happens.

Ok, it is an innocent enough photo. It is a dish draining tray that came with our sink. Its rubber feet sit on the bench and is sloped so the water from washed dishes drains into the sink. It hasn't been used until today. So what? This is what.

The dishwasher has failed. It will fill and empty but will not wash. The green operational lamp flashes six times and Dr Appliance Google told me it has an F6 fault. The fault details are incomprehensible to me. Dr Appliance Google also told me how to run ...

My family isn’t one to talk about feelings a lot. I have never been left in doubt that they love me, even when my mother wasn’t quite coping with me coming out all those years ago.

So it was a little bit unusual to get a text message from my sister starting with “Just checking in.” There was more to the message and it was all very casual but I started to think about why she might not have thought I was ok. Maybe I’m reading too much into it. That is an entirely possible scenario but while I was thinking about it I thought about my social media activity lately. It would be fair to say that I’m going through a lonely phase and there may have been a couple of statuses

There's a moment with Buddy when I take him for a walk to the dog park that I always look for. Buddy is usually in a rush to get there in the afternoons. As soon as we get to the park, he takes a dump. Then he does the obligatory lawn mower impersonation. After that, just before he bolts off to sniff arse and wag tail with the other dogs, just as he is breaking into a gallop, he looks back over his shoulder at me as if to say,"You go that."

It's cute, our eyes meet for just a millisecond, over his shoulder like a free-style swimmer, "Pick up my shit."

And then he blasts off across the reserve, into the sunshine, to the other dogs.

It makes me laugh.



This weeks Man Crush Monday is someone a little more home grown and one of my favourite players. He is gorgeous, handsome, talented, smart and plays for my team so its a case of what not to love really.

For either those non-sports lovers or people living on the other side of the world he plays Australia Rules Football, you know the one with the oval ball that’s not rugby.

It’s Alex Rance enjoy your Monday!

The Federal Liberal Party conservative government is pushing for a huge cut to company tax, down to 25%. Given how few hugely profitable companies seem to pay any tax at all, this is perhaps a moot point.

The Federal Liberal conservative government has already budgeted for personal income tax cuts. Let Tim Colebatch, a long time respected economics writer at The Age newspaper, spell it out. A cleaner on $30,000 a year will get an annual tax cut of $200. (I dispute that figure of $30,000 per annum for a cleaner, unless they are casual, part time or contract. A full time wage for a cleaner would be over $40,000)

A nurse on about $80,000 per year will get a tax cut of $540 per year. I am not a nurse  but the tax cut is close to what I would get, and I shall spend the extra on martinis, Sobrannies and a little Mary Jane. Yipee.

But get this, a solicitor on ...