July 2018

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On the morning of the 5th July, both L of Farm-ily and myself were up at the crack of dawn taking sunrise photos. Given dawn in early July is about 7.30, then it was not a huge sacrifice for me to be up at that hour. Take a look at L's very nicely composed photo here.

It looks like I was playing with camera settings and doing a bit of zooming. Of course now I have no idea what settings I used. They are in order of being taken.



Wow how time flies when you are having fun, looking at gorgeous men, listening to music, dating and having break downs. I think I have covered everything I have wrote about in the last year. The fact that I am still doing this 12 months on from when I begun is crazy to me, I begun this as a little idea to get thoughts out of my head and help me process whatever was going on in my life at the time.

Chatting to a friend a few days prior to writing this and he asked about writing a blog for a year and how it took commitment and was impressed about it. I never really thought about how much time and commitment I have made to this over the pasted 12 months. It just doesn’t feel like an effort to write and get it done. Yes some weeks when I am flat out busy it can be a struggle to get it done sometimes but it is something I want to do and get out and share

Prince George of CambridgeThere are comments I could make about this image of the future King Queen Monarch of England but on this occasion discretion is the better part of valour. Of course, as Jerry Seinfeld might say, there is nothing wrong with that.
The screws into the plaster using the existing holes did not work and R's toilet roll holder fell off onto the floor. I had a feeling that would happen. We had to move it to a higher position and just start again, so we did and second starting from scratch instead of using old holes and we succeeded.

I bogged up the old holes with patching plaster. Once sanded, it barely needs painting.


In my office there are only a handful of people who have access to control what music is played around the office. That’s probably a good thing since I have a habit of listening to something over and over again and I’d drive my colleagues crazy.

In lieu of listening to the stuff that my colleagues put on, when I’m not loving it that is, I have been logging into soundcloud and doing some random searches or following links here there and everywhere and it’s lead to some great discoveries of great remixes. I’m finding myself listening to the radio less and less, especially now that I’m on public transport to work. In the car is about the only place I put the radio on and I don’t want to really lose that. It’s the way I’m staying in touch with new music.

Getting older is interesting and I will always cherish early Kylie, Madonna, and everything else I listened to in my “younger days” but


In 1982 American diplomat Mason Skiles (John Hamm) returns to Beirut, where he was previously posted, when his skills as a negotiator are needed in a hostage situation.

This thriller seems a realistic portrayal of the murky world of Middle Eastern politics and diplomacy even if the images of the civil war affected seaside capital, once known as the Paris of the Middle East, appear more like the images of bombed out Syrian cities of recent times.


I thought with this weeks Tune Tuesday we would take a walk down memory lane together. Growing up as the youngest of 3 boys and with parents born in two separate eras I grew up with a variety of music being introduced into my musical library. One of the biggest bands I was introduced to was ABBA now I am sure most of you know who ABBA are. But for those of you who don’t quick recap ABBA a Swedish pop group from the 70’s, they are the most well known group to participate in Eurovision winning for Sweden in 1974 giving them their first win. The band consisted of two couples which unfortunately both ended in divorce.


For this weeks I thought I’d delve into the discography and check out some of my favourite ABBA songs.

Album: Ring Ring 1973
The debut album for the group and

Hey All,

LWP are super excited to be presenting for the first time ever at the SLSNSW State Conference this weekend.  We're teaming up in a session on diversity and inclusion.  If you are heading along, look out for us after lunch on Saturday.

Check the link here for details.

Gary and the committee
It came to pass that it was a terrible mistake to remove Sydney's trams. One new line was introduced a good while ago, and extended, and a massively over engineered new line is under construction. Article from the Sydney Morning Herald. Newspapers are making it difficult to copy and paste, so sorry for the formatting. Note: It was known right back in 1958 that if you give more space to cars, it will quickly fill up with cars.At 1.17am on Saturday, June 29, 1958, passengers crammed the last tram to cross the Sydney Harbour Bridge. On the following Monday, the biggest transport switch in Sydney's history occurred with buses completely replacing trams on the north shore. This is how The Sun-Herald reported on the hugely controversial move on June 29, 1958.Today's closure of the Harbour Bridge tram tracks was criticised last week as "the greatest transport bungle in Sydney's history."It was called "a political ...

It was a cold winter’s morning when I turned up at Denis’ doorstep for our photo shoot. We were keeping it really simple and photographing Denis in his own apartment, naked and relaxed.

When I got into his apartment, I was surprised to see a guy lying on the lounge tapping away at his laptop. It turns out that Denis has a very liberal household. He was quite content to do a nude photo shoot with a mate sitting on the lounge keeping an eye on things and a housemate who could have walked out at any stage and wants to do a shoot alongside Denis.

Denis then asked if it was ok if he smoked in the shoot and not an entirely legal cigarette. It’s his home and he can do what he likes so that’s how we got to a photo shoot of a hot naked