July 2018

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Tuesday means music and one less day till the weekend and who doesn’t like that. This week I have been dog sitting for my parents while they are off travelling overseas which I am sure you are all thinking that is awesome puppies!!! But alas a week of broken sleep has me slightly delirious and tired.

But enough about me lets get on with the music for this week.


Raise You Up/ Just Be : Kinky Boots
I haven’t seen this musical but from all accounts its absolutely amazing. These people know how to rock a pair of heels from the videos I have seen. And this song has a great message so listen and raise each other up when you hit the bottom. Celebrate

Walking to work
The bathroom and my ensuite are nearly complete. Here are a few photos.

My shower stall. I put in a new shower head that I already knew gives good water flow. being hand held, it is useful for shower cleaning, and gay men (roll your eyes if you must, but the head is easily detachable for a strong stream of water) The old triple sliding glass door will be replaced in a couple of weeks by a semi frameless outward swinging door.

I jaywalked across Collins Street to catch the tram coming up the hill from Spencer Street, which I wanted to catch. I wanted to get home.

A tram was coming in the other direction, down Collins Street, which bing bing binged me as I ran across in front of it. Oops! I thought it was stopping at the tram stop, but it wasn't. I misjudged that, however, it was taking off, it was still a long way away from me, it wasn’t really a close call.

I slipped across in front of it and ran up the tram stop on the other side of the street, when I heard a voice. I didn’t really realise he was talking to me, I just kind of turned towards a voice. 

It was a paramedic, who was riding a motorcycle up Collins Street, just as it happened. He said something to me, it was something smart, I am guessing, but I didn’t really catch it. It would have been along the lines of, “Dying to get home are we, mate,” or some such quip. It was ...
The Western Australian government is currently undertaking a review of that State's assisted reproductive treatment and surrogacy laws. In March I made both oral and written submissions to the review, which is being conducted by Professor Sonia Allan. Currently gay male couples and single men are not allowed to undertake surrogacy in Western Australia- in breach of the Commonwealth's Sex
The outgoing Labor government in South Australia commissioned a review of that State's surrogacy laws. That review has been continued by the incoming Liberal government. I have made both oral and written submissions. Here are my written submissions: 14 June 2018 Ms Sarah Moulds Senior Project Officer South Australia Law Reform Institute By email:
In May I presented to accredited family law specialists at a conference in Sydney run by the College of law. My topic was about parentage presumptions. There is a view that just because someone is the biological parent, therefore they must be the legal parent. That view is - it depends. The law is pernickety at times about parentage presumptions- someone common sense would tell you is a parent
On 8 December my husband Mitch and I were in Phnom Penh. We stayed at the iconic Hotel Cambodiana, attending the ILGA (International Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Trans and Intersex Association) Asia conference. We were there because I was helping spread the word about the Asia Pacific Rainbow Families Forum, of which I was a founding member.  The forum is for and about, surprise, surprise, rainbow

Putting most of my belongings into storage while I’m between living spaces has proven to be a little challenging at times. It’s all the little things you don’t think about much that prove to be more important than anticipated. I decided not to pack my clippers that I use for my beard and other grooming, thinking I’ll just shave my face with a wet razor for a change. That hasn’t happened.

I also use the clippers for grooming downstairs. Now, I don’t want any lectures about hygiene. I shave my balls in the shower so the clippers only get used to trim my pubes short. Except we are now getting to a stage where I’d like to trim them but the clippers are in storage. On the



Another week another gorgeous man.
After the success of last weeks Man Crush I thought I’d follow up with the next brother in line cause you know Rugby, Sports, Hot men why not.


So this weeks Man Crush Monday goes to Sam Burgess!!!