August 2018

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BAD is in Quebec.

Mother's side fence was replaced about fifteen years ago. The adjoining double gates between her place and the neighbour were also replaced. Step Father and Mother still had dreams of touring Australia in their caravan stored in the back yard, with the only way to get it out of the back yard was through the double gates in the side fence then up the neighbours driveway. The dreams were unrealised. The caravan was towed away to the tip and that was the last time the gates were used.

Nearly forty years ago Mother moved into the house. The next door neighbours, Des and Joan became great friends of our family. Des and Joan separated. Des stayed on and remarried, a lovely Filipina woman, Remy. Des died. Remy lived on quite happily, working at a major, with an adult daughter and was great to my mother. Oddly a few years ago, Remy suicided. Mother was heartbroken. No one could understand why she did. She was lovely.

The house was ...
BAD is in Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island.

I had to visit the big blue office supply shed in Kingsway, so I took a walk.

This is an old photo of the Boer War Memorial, often now referred to as the South African War Memorial. It has been dismantled and restored while construction of Melbourne's Metro Tunnel occupies the site.

Side view of the First Church of Christ, Scientist on the corner of St Kilda Road and Dorcas Street. Construction was completed in 1922, being much delayed by war. One notable feature is that within the three storeys, including the basement, is what is believed to be Melbourne's ...
Sam and I take Buddy to the dog park. Buddy meets up with his buddies and they run a round.    

The kids are playing sport on the oval, taking up most of the oval, but that's okay, sport takes up room.

Recently, we have been told that we need to keep our dogs away from some of the kids because they can’t have contact with the dogs for religious reasons. Really? (Grimace) It is a park in which the dogs run around. The kids don’t have to have contact with the dogs, that is up to them, not us. It is a dog park, as well as a sports oval, it is a shared use facility. 
Don’t tell me what to do with my dog and I promise I won’t tell you what to do with your gods. In my atheist world view, my dog is real and your 2000 year old beliefs are nonsense, but I’m not trying to change their lives with my beliefs. I have no animosity towards the kids, or religion. If your religion brings you happiness I ...

I came across this article through Facebook and as some with a Maltese Father who lived on the small island till he was 13 makes me kind of proud to read articles like this. Malta Leads the way!

Now for some background first of all this article is based around the ILGA-Europe (International Lesbian & Gay Association) founded in 1996 and is an advocacy group promoting the interests of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex persons, at the European level. Every year they review countries across Europe on their Rainbow Index, ranking countries based on their laws and policies in relation to the gay and transgender community. And the results are in and Malta was ranked number one.


High marks go to those


Rel Pham

Maybe not funny, just a bit amusing.

This crazy piece of art is the Stravinsky Fountain and can be found at Stravinsky Place next to the Pompidou Centre in Paris. It was unveiled in 1983 and is made up by the black metal parts designed by Jean Tinguely and the coloured works are by artist  Niki de Saint Phalle.

I could watch it for hours. Some Youtube videos of the fountain have music added in the background, but I like to hear the splash of water, the action of the machinery and the French voices in the background. Oh, is that water spurting from the female form's ...... Heck, it is.

It is funny, often on a Thursday it feels like a Monday to me now. Especially, if I get out early and walk down to the shops at 9.30am. 9.30am feels the same every day, it is that time of the day when everything hasn’t quite got going.

As I head down the street, I am momentarily surprised to see the bakery open. Isn’t it closed on a Monday? But it is Thursday, silly me. I love those minds tricks, they are fun. The coming back from them is fun, that mental mind flip. It is because I spent the weekends with Sam and the week days on my own, so walking down the street now on a Thursday is how Mondays used to feel as they were the first days of the week that I had to myself.

Does that make any sense? It does to me.

I love that fluidity of reality, even if it is just momentarily. A snatch. A fragment. Just caught in one’s peripheral vision, one might say. Never real. Never fully realised.<!-- /* Font Definitions */ @font-face ...
It seems a lifetime ago, but three years ago we were in New York, and on a particular day, fighting heat and humidity, we walked part of the old elevated railroad line, The Highline, ate the Canadian speciality poutine for the first time (I hated it. R loved it) and then visited the New York Museum of Modern Art.  As I was writing this post, I revisited our day

Some of the artwork from MoMA has come to our National Gallery of Victoria while MoMA is undergoing some renovation, so we went and took a look. Well, it cost about $25 each. It was quite interesting. There were hoards of school children in the gallery, but that is a good thing and they were well behaved. I will just say it was busy.

My camera behaved very badly and clearly it is not up to taking pictures in low light situations. I really liked this work.

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"Good morning, good morning, good morning, good morning, GOOD! MORNING!" chimes Goong as he arrives, as he does every morning.

I say nothing, this demented fool really annoys me. Jason, who sits next to me doesn’t reply either. But, then again, Jason never says much. Just how I like them, a man of few words, is our Jase.

"What's good about?" asks old Norm. I’m taken back a bit with Norm’s seeming cheek. He just happens to be passing through on his mail round. Good for him, I think. (Perhaps, it not only me who is in the I Hate Goong Club?)

"Oh, everything," replies Goong like a demented Play School presenter. “You name it…it’s GREAT!”

"That's what you say," says Norm in his matter of a fact 70 years on this planet way about him.

“Life is great,” chimes Goong.

Norm sneers as he powers through the ...