August 2018

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I collected Cz and Cw from the airport this morning on their return from Canada. Their flight landed ten minutes later than the predicted time on the Flight Radar 24 App principally because the flight was made to do a circuit south of the airport ahead of landing.

Once landed the plane was made to wait nearly twenty minutes on the tarmac before pulling into its gate. I thought the App had frozen when monitoring this but it turns out the plane was blocked from the gate by a late departing flight.

This delay cost me an additional $19 in car parking fees.

Never mind. I had a bit of fun. I displayed my friends' names on my iPad in the manner of Hire Car drivers waiting for their customers, much to my friends' amusement.

The world won’t end if you listen to your gut when it’s telling you that you need a bit of me time.

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Way back in the mists of time, I discovered that the revolving restaurant at the top of Australia Square, Orbit Bar, and then O Bar, served great cocktails and had the best views of Sydney, particularly at nightime, with the CBD aglow all around you, and a slightly different view everytime you noticed. It was where I took all my out-of-town visitors.

But I lost track of O Bar… until invited by Weekend Food Escapes as a poor substitute for WFE’s photographer. Yes, I got to be Lisa’s plus one at a special Gault&Millau dinner at O Bar and Dining where for the last period, head chef Darren Templeman, chef and owner Michael Moore and their team have been bringing the quality of the food up to match the view, as the restaurant has apparently been through peaks and valleys over the

Sunday. House cleaning day and grocery shopping day. What a good way to fuck up a Sunday.

Be warned: contains serious envy-inducing photos that will probably make you hate me just a little bit. I'm sorry. (Not really).

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There are times when you have a crush on someone and you just want to hear that they are flawed in some way to try and bring your expectations back down to earth. Then there are other times when you find out they have an extra talent and it makes them even more attractive.

All the way back in 2009 I did a blog post about the delicious Chris Fawcett. A NYC based model with features so chiselled you could hurt yourself, he’s long been a model crush and photography wish list person for me. Well through the wonders of Instagram I found out a few months back that he’s the font man for a band called The More and a few weeks ago they released their debut single. Chris has a voice that is just pure sexual honey for the ears. Not sure it that even makes sense but it’s how I feel about it.

On Friday they released the video


My 45th birthday is looming. In 42 days I will be precisely in my mid-forties and about as middle aged as you get. That’s not a term I had contemplated ever using to describe myself but here we are. Since moving in to my new apartment I’ve been working on forming new habits. For years the floor of my bedroom has been rarely sighted for all the clothes, bags, socks and randomness covering it, now there is clear floor and a made bed every day. I hang my jackets up when I take them off instead of draping them on a chair etc.

So I have 42 days to get myself to a position where I’m feeling good/better about my body and how it’s feeling as well as looking. As soon as I’ve finished writing this post I’m writing a message

And here are some more pictures of Mr Golding...

Crazy Rich Asians has attracted a lot of media attention. Not since  The Joy Luck Club (which was released way back in 1993) has a 'mainstream' Hollywood film featured a predominantly Asian cast.

It's been interesting following the media hype surrounding this film – and the lofty expectations. For example, I was surprised to see the actors being criticised for not using their platform at the movie premier to promote Asian fashion designers (seriously?).

The strikingly handsome lead actor, Henry Golding, has copped flack from some media circles for not being Asian enough (he is of English-Malaysian ancestry). ...
BAD is in Ecuador.

A record for us, three meals out in one day. We had brunch out, then lunch and then dinner out too. We were up early to get the car serviced and while it was being done we went to the big green hardware shed while the car was being serviced and then had some brunch in Bay Street, Port Melbourne. It then became complicated with Hippie Niece texting R, care to catch up for lunch as the babies' father had weekend custody and her brother had presented her with a gift of a night's city accommodation in an beautiful silver American Airstream bus on the roof of a building in town. Then we had a lovely dinner across the road with a workmate of mine at a place that in 16 years, we have been to once, but we often enough order pizza to be delivered from there. Dining in at Roscoe's was ...