September 2018

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Joining with no one for Musical Monday. I know this song so well, yet I haven't a clue who sang it and nor did R. She was the youngest person to ever have a number one hit in the world. It has become a flea in my ear and I hope to not make it one in yours.

Without further ado, I give you Peggy March. Watch and listen to whichever clip you like. You cynics who say she is a great lip syncer are probably right, but don't be such a spoil sport.

The original performance in black and white.

The song was used in the movie Sister Act. There are some connections in this clip.

The song went down a treat in Fernsehgarten, Germany.

Not only a lip syncer, I think she may have had some work done at some point. Nevertheless, at the age of the rerecording of the song for its fiftieth anniversary, she looks fabulous, and the clip features some of her history with the song. She was born in 1948 and it was recorded in 2013, so she was ...
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Sunday brunch in Melbourne. The wait at Cumulus was 45 minutes so we thought we’d head here instead. It’s got a lovely old-fashioned feel about it, very… European.

I had a delicious flat white to start off, and then a baked eggs with blood sausage and chorizo, as I’d hoped, it was rich and savoury.

My breakfast companions gave generally good reviews: Bircher muesli was deemed good, as were the eggs benedict. Another of the specials, an omelette with haddock got a poor review because only one piece of haddock was found.

For four of us, $125, rather pricey, I thought, but a charming atmosphere and good food.  


It’s weekends like the one I’ve just had that make me very, grateful for my family and our very easy dynamic. Sure, there are times we drive each other nuts but either none of us are too crazy or we are all the same brand of crazy.

Yesterday I officiated at the wedding of a woman I have known for 40 years, since we started school at the same time. Now she and her new wife are both strong women with firm ideas about what they wanted for their wedding day after 21 years together. Ultimately they got exactly what they wanted. The mother of one of the brides is also a wedding celebrant and firstly was pissed off that she wasn’t doing the ceremony. Secondly she wasn’t happy that they had opted for a very, very short ceremony with

Sister, Bone Doctor and Little Jo are visiting Japan and are flying to Japan today, this Sunday. I think they have a great holiday planned. 

Little Jo corrected my pronunciation of manga and amazingly knew that the tv show from the 70s? Kimba the White Lion was Japanese and I did not know that (more likely that I had forgotten). I knew Felix the Cat from the 60s was Japanese. I am amazed at how much Little Jo knows about popular young culture in Japan. I've forgotten the name now and she used the browser she is supposed to use on our computer that does not keep history for more than a day and has a family filter switched on. But there are whole shops for such things in Japan, and you have to book. She showed us a virtual tour of the shop, which took forever to watch. 

Dearest niece, sponge up information like there is no tomorrow, as you are doing. Soon enough your brain ...
I went into a vintage furniture and decorative arts shop today in Richmond. I started talking to the owner and we must have chatted for an hour.

The owner told me about a man and a woman who had earlier pulled up to the front of the shop in their Aston Martin, and were interested in buying a vase. However, the couple didn't want to pay the asking price and tried to haggle down the price. The owner politely said 'no', and so the couple left.

Unbeknownst to the shop owner, it was the same vase I had admired when I walked into the shop, so I bought it. The owner gave me a discount (even though I didn't ask for it).

I don't have an Aston Martin but I now have a nice vintage vase.
A colleague invited me to see a performance by the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra (MSO) at Hamer Hall tonight.

I had never been inside the concert hall before and it was really impressive. Indeed, I don't really listen to orchestral music so this was somewhat of an initiation for me. The MSO was performing the New World Symphony. The piece turned out to be quite familiar. I assume I must have heard it in a movie.
sydney spicesdamaged by fire

I stumbled across a new blog last week Narnold Knows you should head over and check him out plenty of good blogs to read. I came across one that I really enjoyed and thought I have a crack at answering these questions.

Check out the Blog Gay Questions over on his page it is worth a read. It did make me think yes this is very true, as gay man I always get asked lots of question mainly from heterosexual men and women about my lifestyle. I am very open when people ask me question, I think it allows people to see just because I am gay we aren’t all that different especially straight male friends I think they are usually some of the most curious. I believe if we answer questions honestly we can cut out some of the negative feelings that are fuelled from peoples ignorance.

We are taught as children to ask questions when we don’t know


There are a lot of reasons to be impressed with Joe’s Table, a hole in the wall, nestled at the side of the large courtyard of the Republic Apartments that host various restaurants and children playing.

But I didn’t even notice the biggest reason until well into the meal. Though the service was seamless, orders taken, water poured, it only dawned on us when one of our party went up to ask for something that Joe runs the whole place! There were no other waiters, there were no other people helping in the kitchen. It was just Joe! How amazing, to be able to do that.

And while one of our party was