September 2018

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I was going to do Monday Mural, but I am so tired and I don't have the energy. Here is a post I prepared earlier.

A picture tells a thousand words. Mother has been here.

ABI Brother had a sporting social event to attend. As it was R's Mother Day, the day when he takes Mother out, she asked if she could come home with R to stay the night as she is too frightened to stay at ABI Brother's place alone. Dunno why. Nothing valuable in his house. Better they rob her empty house and find the hidden sovereigns.

I stalled her as long as I could, but Mother's neighbour property investor has issued Mother with a fencing notice ...

As there are cat cafés around the world (including the Catmosphere Space Cat Cafe in Surry Hills, Sydney), a dog café has been awaited. Or at least a dog-themed café, from what I gather from the name. On the corner of Foveaux and Crown Street, I hope this isn’t a cursed location. I liked the last incarnation, which seemed fresher than the café that was there before! If their food is as good as their coffee, hopefully they’ll do OK.

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Causes pain, suffering and premature death
A service provider  in the USA contacted me asking if I'd like to engage them for a conference I am organising in 2020 here in Australia.

They wanted to set up a Skype meeting. I said 'ok'.

They then send me a list of options for meeting times.

Two problems. First, all the times they gave were in Central US time, which was very annoying as I then had to work out what times those corresponded to here in Melbourne. Second, and even more annoyingly, all the times they offered were at ridiculously late hours of the night (1 am, really?).

I wrote back a polite email pointing all of this out and said that I don't think it's going to work. They have since sent me two emails apologising for the mistake. I'm normally a very forgiving kinda guy but lack of client focus is a big fail. Too many alarm bells.

BAD is in Auckland.

See what River and Elephant's Child have to show you this week. Mine are just random photos.

I suppose it is the same time of year that last year we saw these black cockatoos, and heard them. They make a much sweeter sound than the Sulphur Crested Cockatoos. I could tell from the markings in the photo that they are Yellow Tailed Black Cockatoos. They were certainly around last year but that haven't always visited Melbourne's inner suburbs. They fly past daily in both directions so I guess they are heading for a food source each day. There are about 20 to 30 birds in a flock.


After 30 years, the owner and designer of Wheel and Dollbaby, with their shopfront on Crown Street, decided to call it quits, and suddenly there’s a new cafe selling extremely healthy looking meals, and some interesting hot drinks.

Surry Hills is the third location of Bare Naked Bowls (the others are in Manly and Coogee), and as “favourite superfood cafes specializing in serving delicious Acai Bowls, Superfood Smoothies, Breakfast Bowls, Cold Pressed Juices, Organic Coffee, Kombucha and Raw Treats”, I’m predicting success, so long as the trend for this style of healthy food continues (and I think it will). Combining the promise of nudity, health and the current trend for putting food in bowls (how did this become a trend?), the design of this cafe is wood

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My post about finding high-quality men’s designer resale clothes in Paris is one of my most viewed sites on my blog. So, I thought I’d do a similar one for Rome, but only being there for a few days (in July 2018), I didn’t get a big sense of what was possible. But what I sense, is that their vintage shops are somewhat different than the ones in Paris and Amsterdam and while they will have the same selection of Hawaiian shirts, flannel shirts with cut-off sleeves, Levis 501s, and army gear, they also might have some high-quality cast-off designer clothes, perhaps because Romans dress so well.

So, I’d give it a go at checking out the vintage shops. A good list is here from the website Romeing (har har). So shops like Kingsize in Monti have a huge amount of clothes


According to all the weather reports here in Sydney for the last week, we are pretty much officially done with cold weather. The forecast says we are going to have record temperatures until the end of the year and through Summer. This is a challenging thing for me. On a global scale it terrifies me that we are constantly breaking weather records. Right now in Asia and the U.S. there are enormous hurricanes/cyclones causing destruction and here in Australia, my entire state is being classed as drought affected. Climate change deniers will say this is a natural cycle but even if that is the case, we can’t survive much more extreme changes in weather. Farmers won’t be able to grow the food we need, there will be no water and the planet won’t

I must say I have been a little impressed with our fellow resident, Senator Hinch. Here from his Justice Party is a list of some of his achievements at the end of 2017.

*Passport ban on paedophiles.

*Working with government to introduce mandatory minimum sentences for sexual offenders.

*Senate Inquiry into Transvaginal Mesh led to TGA ban on mesh for pelvic organ prolapse.

*Co-sponsored Same Sex Marriage Bill.

*Stopped plans for live export of donkeys and ponies.

*Gained Senate support for CCTV in all abattoirs in Australia to prevent animal cruelty.

*Introduced Bill to mandate staff ratios in aged care facilities.

*Established Senate committee watchdog to keep government accountable following the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse.

*Co-sponsored Inquiry into the safety of motorised scooters.

*Leading the political campaign to establish the ANVAM (Australian ...