March 2019

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From me, the highest recommendation to scoot on out to Maroubra Junction and dine at Kitchen by Jamie. I like food with a story, and I’m charmed by this one, as years ago, Jamie and Daniela invited me (and some friends) over to their place for the concept ‘Dine with…’, a sort of dinner party with a professional chef. It combined wonderful food that you couldn’t make yourself with the comfortable feeling of home.

That same feeling has been transferred to their new restaurant, that feels both high-end and polished, but also like hanging out with friends or family. It was all the more comforting that we stopped by for Sunday lunch when there are the Sunday roast specials. We couldn’t resist.


My models usually put a lot more pressure on themselves than I do to achieve a certain level of fitness or lean-ness for a shoot. The beauty of organising a photo shoot with a gay man in Sydney a few weeks before Mardi Gras means they are likely to be in amazing shape. Dane definitely was.

As you can see, Dane looks after himself very very nicely. I don’t even want to contemplate the body fat difference between the two of us but his dedication certainly worked for the photos.

Not only did the poor guy have to get up super early to meet me at a location a good 40 minute drive away, he had to do it for a complete stranger in an untested location. We were lucky with beautiful lighting and moody skies too. There were a few fishermen


In the past few years, whenever I’ve said I will perform a circus routine, I’ve either chickened out a week or two before or had to pull out due to injury. Performing doesn’t come naturally to me. Before a show I will be so nervous I’ll be outside throwing up. It feels like I sabotage my chances of performing well by not rehearsing enough or training properly.

Well today my friend and cloud-swing teacher told me that my circus school is aiming to put on a show for the Sydney Fringe Festival in September. So even though I’m only very much a newbie to cloud-swing she thinks I know enough and have time to really work on a routine. There’s an audition process so there’s no guarantee but I like having 6 months to work on it.

Today’s lesson was a lot of fun and I’m starting to feel less panicked up on the apparatus. The way it moves is so different to the apparatus I’m used to, the aerial


How to Be BothHow to Be Both by Ali Smith
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I’m bowled over by this book.

I had no expectations and hadn’t heard anything about it. Neither did the cover photo of the singers Sylvie Vartan and Françoise Hardy give me an idea of what I’d encounter. The initial theme, of grief and losing a family member, is well-worn in literature, TV and movies; and a teenage girl is not who I’d naturally connect with as the narrator.

But I found myself not only immediately drawn into the story but delighted and confused: the narrative voice

A friend came to stay. She is a heavy cigarette smoker and smokes pot like a demon. 

She had her phone on loud speaker chatting to her friend for the longest time. She is a techno moron and had recently got the phone she was using. When I asked her if she knew she could take it off loud speaker, you never know unless you ask, she said that she didn't like putting it to her ear because of the risk of cancer.

I said, "What?"

See you all in a couple of weeks, unless this happens.

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adelaide fringe: macbeth in space! (and two other locations....)As I've said on multiple occasions, Macbeth and I go way back. We have a connection. I can't explain it, not entirely sure I want to.

But it's one of the first shows I look for at the Fringe. And I've seen a variety of versions at this point.

Full text versions, classical productions, modern political retellings, Australian gangsters, World War 2... the works.

What I've never seen is Macbeth ...
Our kangaroos who are in regular contact with people are cute and cuddly. Not so the wild kangaroos who are very territorial. I am not sure if this video will work, and if not, try this link.

Ok, found it on Youtube. They really dislike this 'big bird' flying in.

Michael Jackson and R Kelly are having rather spectacular falls from grace this week. Leaving Neverland, the documentary about MJ’s systematic abuse of two young boys, started airing here in Australia last night and footage of R Kelly having a melt down in front of a calm Gayle King has gone viral this week.

Both men have had rumours about their behaviour for years but it feels like those years are up. Michael of course has been dead for ten years but R Kelly is panicking. Both men have their supporters. Fans of Michael Jackson refuse to believe that he was capable of such things. It’s like Trump supporters. How far do they have to go to actually cross a line with their supporters? The power of celebrity seems to buy a lot of forgiveness with a lot of