April 2019

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I'm way more taken with my new puppy than I would ever thought I would be. He's an adorable little chap.

Of course, he is like a young gay boy, everything goes in his mouth.

Joining Sami and others for Monday Mural.

I came across this photo I took some time ago and I thought it might be ok for as a mural post. I have no idea what it is about and whether it is a mural or something commercial. But I had forgotten where I took the photo. Last week I was walking down Chapel Street from Toorak Road to Commercial Road, and there it was, above shops on the western side of the street. It is kind of interesting.

After so long trying to find models willing to fuck on camera, shooting and editing the final product, it’s here! This morning I released “Go Deep” the download of the shoot that I’ve been calling Art-Porn.

The mission was to blur the lines between art and porn and I think I’ve achieved it. People have told me they jerk off to my photography in the past and I don’t really understand that. To me it’s not wank material but then everyone has different “inspiration”.

It’s a very strange feeling asking two guys who are clearly into each other to stop the fuck and move positions and try something else. Most of the shoot was pretty free range and they got themselves into some good

I have been in the sin bin with R for about four days. I will make excuses for him. He is very stressed about many things. That has been our life for forty years. It will go back to normal.

ABI Brother has to have a skin cancer removal at a hospital near to us and wants to sleep over here before the op. Mother won't stay at his place on her own, so on Sunday night they will be both staying here. 
Call from Mother this Saturday morning. "It doesn't matter if R has already organised dinner, (great expectations there), but I would like a meal of lamb chops. They don't come with my Meals on Wheels". Yes, he had organised dinner, chicken.
As I expected, R exploded when I told him. "The audacity of that woman, who is forcing herself on us and now ordering me to serve her food of her desire". 
I went into town and bought 12 lamb chops. 
It is probably more about the issues R and I have now.
But what I ...

We usually try to come early to the fish market, and at breakfast time, I really don’t feel like hoeing into the fish and chips. So, Blackwattle Deli is really the only choice. Good thing they’re good!

They have a small selection of pastries, but we usually go for their breakfast special of a coffee (I thought the latte art was rather whimsical) and a toasted sandwich (I think it was $10 for the both). This time, we got one with kimchi and smoked wagyu beef and they left it in the sandwich press a little long and it was molten hot. But also crispy and delicious. It also had provolone cheese and japanese mayo. Yum.

The mist hangs low over the flat pond. Little Christian lines up his eye with his hand and then flicks his wrist. Ch, ch, ch, ch, ch, the smooth stone kisses the surface of the water repeatedly as it sails off into oblivion. And the assembled faceless masses bring their hands to their faces and form O's with their lips.

Are we back in Melbourne? Westpac Bank. Toll Transport. No, we are in Wellington.

There'd be trains at the docks, lots of them, slowly and purposefully moving around the port yards.

It was a hired pay bus to the city. Some places we visited pay for the bus for ship visitors ...
grey succulentmorning drops

My flirting skills are pretty much non-existent. Anyone who has known me for a while knows this and probably finds it quite entertaining and frustrating in equal measure.

Last night I went to a restaurant with friends and when we arrived I needed to visit the bathroom. They only had one stall in the men’s room and the urinal was broken. Someone was in the stall and one guy was waiting. He was quite friendly and very, very beautiful. So naturally I developed a crush quite instantaneously.

My friends were trying to get me to go and give him my number all through dinner but because of my crippling uselessness of course I didn’t. As one friend kept asking “What’s the worst that could happen?” Oh I could

Some anti-vaxxers are increasingly making the same unfounded claims about pets and vaccines they’ve been repeating about children and vaccines for the past 20 years.

My theory is that climate change is melting our brains. Probably by the time climate change is having its full effect, we’ll all be brain-dead zombies anyway.

Some of us, clearly, are already there.