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Pinkboard will be closing certain facilities including AO@P at the end of March 2010. Pinkboard is no longer offering credit card facilities. The only way to join AO@P between now and March is to email your evidence of age.

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The Australian Government's Internet Censorship law requires that a restricted access system be used to control access to all R rated material. To use a restricted access system you need to show evidence that you are 18 years of age or older.

AO@P stands for Adults Only at Pinkboard and it is Pinkboard's adult verification service. It contains those sections of Pinkboard that might be too hot for people who are not yet 18 years. This includes:

AO@P is not a pornography service.

How to Join

You may join AO@P either:

You also need to agree to the Terms And Conditions.

If you apply online you should receive your login details (your user name and password) shortly after your registration is completed. There can be delays in sending emails so allow an hour for it to arrive. If it takes longer than this please contact Panther. Th most common reason for failure is people entering an incorrect email address.

If you send evidence of age this is normally processed within 24 hours. (Allow a week if posting it.) If you don't receive a password within a reasonable time please email Panther. Online applications are generally processed within 24 hours.

Evidence of Age

Acceptable evidence of age documents are:

  • passport
  • birth certificate
  • driver's licence
  • senior's card
  • student card which shows date of birth

You can either:

  • scan your evidence or age and email it to Panther or
  • post a photocopy to (please ask for the address).

It must be accompanied by:

  • your name,
  • your email address,
  • a preferred login name for your account,
  • the words "I am 18 years or over", and
  • your signature (not required for email).

There is no cost if you submit evidence of age.
Cheques and money orders are not acceptable as evidence of age.

How Many Members?

There are approximately members of AO@P.

And finally here is a picture of a man with a big cock.

Updated: 31 March, 2010