Website Hosting

Host your website with Pinkboard. If you have a small to medium website that needs a home look at Pinkboard for a fast but economical alternative.

When you host your website at Pinkboard you get:

  • web space with broadband speeds
  • SFTP access for updating your pages
  • management of your domain name *
  • a Pinkboard domain name if you don't have your own
  • virtual email addresses for your domain
  • PHP, MySQL database
  • WordPress blogs
  • Gallery2 for photos

If you would like a site which contains <R>-rated content then you can take advantage of Pinkboard's adult verification service AO@P to ensure only people 18 year and older have access.

All this for just $75* per year. Discounts for community groups. Contact Panther to discuss your web hosting requirements.

These websites are already hosted by Pinkboard:

Join these sites now and have your website hosted on Pinkboard.

* Prices do not include the cost of domain names. You will need to pay for your domain name separately. Pinkboard can assist with obtaining your domain name. Subject to hosting terms and conditions.

Updated 29 April, 2007