Pinkboard Privacy And Security Policy


This page attempts to make clear Pinkboard's policies with respect to any personal information collected.

Briefly, Pinkboard does not collect personal information for any purpose except the operation of Pinkboard. Pinkboard does not make available any personal information to any external body (except as noted below). Pinkboard does not track individual users (except as noted below).

Information Collected

Section Information Collected Use Kept For
Whole site IP Address (normal logging), Browser type, referrer, user name Access logging 1 month
Statistics Indefinitely
All forms (Personals, Graffiti, etc.) IP Address matched to message submitted Tracing where a form was submitted from. 1 month

Pinkboard Personals, Pinkboard Classifieds, Pinkboard Adult Classifieds

Email addresses Redirecting replies to ads Duration of ad plus a few days.
Usage Detecting people submitting multiple ads. Statistics Varies
Graffiti Walls IP Address Identifying source of messages in case of disclosure demands Life of wall plus transition time (not kept once wall is archived)
Email addresses for registered signatures Verifying registered signatures (Pinkboard may use these details to verify that the email address for the signature is still valid) While the signature is registered
Blocked IP Addresses IP Addresses where link spam has originated Indefinitely
AO@P Membership Credit Card Details (see below) Charging membership subscriptions Indefinitely as part of membership records
Email address (Check your registered email address.) Sending new passwords. Pinkboard may, very occasionally, send an email to all AO@P members. While membership is current.
Password Validating logons. (Encrypted via one-way encoding - salt.) While membership is current
Usage Collected as part of normal logging, but not used. 1 month
Evidence of Age Validating a user's age for membership 1 month then hard copies shredded and scanned images deleted

Pinkboard uses cookies to enhance your surfing experience on Pinkboard. It does not use cookies to track sessions or your activities. Find out about Pinkboard Cookies.

Cookies for Graffiti Walls Your current position in each Graffiti Wall. You don't have to do lots of scrolling. Turn this on or off. Cookies are set with 6 month expiry dates.
Email sent to Pinkboard in any official capacity The email message including any headers Archive Long Term (years)

Credit Cards

Pinkboard uses credit card transactions to collect memberships and subscriptions for various sections of Pinkboard. The charges are in the name of Pinkboard, Surry Hills.

Pinkboard does not keep credit card numbers at all. Credit Card details are passed to the credit card processing company via a secure (SSL) connection. The last 4 digits of your credit card number, the credit card type and the expiry date are kept on file.

Some details of the transaction are held by the credit card processing company, but your full credit card number is never available after the credit card transaction have been processed.


Pinkboard will not intentionally disclose any information collected to any party whatsoever except:

  • As detailed in table above.
  • To a court, police or authorised body on production of a valid subpoena or other similar legal demand. Pinkboard operates under the jurisdiction of NSW and Australia.
  • To any person whos email address has been used by another person. The request email message must come from the affected email address.
  • In the case of repeated misuse of Pinkboard's facilities where other methods of curbing this misuse have been tried and failed.
  • Credit Card details will be passed to my credit card merchant service provider.
  • Employees and volunteers who have signed a nondisclosure agreement. Only information necessary to do their tasks will be made available.

Contact Details

Pinkboard is a registered business name of Real Time Idiom Pty Ltd. Pinkboard can be contacted via email. Other contact details are withheld to protect my personal privacy. They are available on reasonable request.

Protecting Your Privacy

Here are some hints for protecting your privacy online:

  • Never give your details unless you have some level of trust in the site. Trust can be obtained by word of mouth, by privacy policies such as this one, by checking certificates.
  • Clear your surfing history after using your browser if your browser is used by others.
  • Use an anonymiser such as if you don't want your surfing traced.
  • Spammers scan web pages looking for email addresses. I don't think there is much that can be done about this except campaigning to get rid of spammers. Never reply to a spam, not even to get your name removed, as this just confirms your email address.
  • Use sensible passwords, not your boyfriend's or girlfriend's or pet's name.

Further Information

Updated: 23 May, 2004
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